Monday, June 29, 2009

In bloom

Ryan and I are finally feeling much better from the dreaded strep. AMEN! Mark and I are planning to reschedule our anniversary for later this summer. Thank you for all you sweet prayers, emails and concern. Apparently our music minister, Chris Wommack, announced that I was sick since I was up to sing a solo on Sunday morning. Not perfect timing but it could be a whole lot worse. And a side note: To the inventor penicillin, Alexander Fleming, I am forever grateful. Without you I would have Scarlet Fever and be in the hospital. So Muchas Gracious ol' Alex!

As I was in my 40th hour of bed rest I was trying to think of something cheerful to post about and this immediately came to mind.

I just love driving up to my house these days:-). You know how cool it was that we got Landscape in January. Well, everything seems to be in bloom right now. I can take absolutely none of the credit (in fact I don't even know the names of most of the plants-shameful). Every day it makes me think of my Sweet Granny Liz because she adored flowers and all things garden. Click on my linky to see a picture of my house in January and this is what my house looks like these days. Amazing!

Cool Orange flowers

Forgotten Roses

The kids picked out these little flowers for Mother's Day and some of them are still alive:-).

This one is my favorite, Hibiscus. These flowers remind me of Hawaii and the colors are just gorgeous. Since I am such a flower novice, I thought they were weeds when they originally started coming up!! My sweet neighbor Julie kindly corrected me. Thank you so much Julie! I love seeing them bloom in the morning.

Thanks for reading my MeMaw post. What can I say: I am 33, a complete dork, been married 10 years and just getting old. I'll be sure to let you know how my dentures turn out (He- he.) Right now this is exciting stuff at the Wood Household. Speaking of exciting, My baby sister, Josh and Lila are moving here TOMORROW!!! I am thrilled the day has finally come. I cannot wait to help decorate their house, and see them all the time. Kacey I hope you're ready for a Wood invasion! Also exciting, my parents are headed to Hong Kong, for 16 days on July 1st. Please pray for their safety as the travel and that they will be able to minister to citizens of China. I am so proud of you Honey and GP. I cannot wait to hear all about your trip.


Shannon said...

BEEAAUUTIFUL house! I just love all those colors. And you are not a dork...landscaping makes all the difference in the world. Right now, our flowers are dead and it drives me nuts!

MLP said...

I love your mema post and your beautiful home and flowers!!!

So glad you are better. Yes, it was announced that you were sick and I was so bummed that you would have been singing a solo!!! I'll respond back to your e-mail...Walker is not doing the BU camp.

Hope to see ya'll soon!

Praying for Honey and GP's trip. Can't wait to hear all about it!!!

The Junods said...

Awesome! Beautiful fluurrrs! Just caught up on your blog. Loved VBS! What fun a FBCW! And did you get married when you were 16? :)

Melissa said...

Oh I'm so sorry you got it, too! I've decided it is so much worse when you are memaws like us ;) hope you are getting better quickly!

Blessings from the Reeds said...

Your house Beautiful! I too would love driving up to that everyday. Landscaping is so expensive but when you see the end result so worth it. Glad it rained on your flowers. Very Pretty!

Libbie said...

Love all your beautiful landscape in bloom. I bet it is more enjoyable knowing what you had to wait for before you got it. Glad the fam is all feeling better!!

Jill said...

We were out of town, so I just caught up. Beautiful yard, so glad you are all well and Happy Anniversay!