Friday, June 26, 2009

Who are these kids?

The wedding
Today Mark and I celebrate 10 years of marriage!! I love this picture that my dad took right after our ceremony at FBC Woodway. We were VERY excited to head to the reception and start our lives as husband and wife. I remember every single detail about that entire day. I was so ready to be Mrs. Mark Christopher Wood that it physically hurt. We had a perfect wedding thanks to my sister Caryn who planned every single detail. You know how I love a good party, well that love comes directly from her!! I honestly was not myself throughout the wedding planning. I left all the details up to my mom and sisters-so NOT Angela! I even stole Kacey's gorgeous platinum prom dress to be made into bridesmaid dresses. All my ladies looked STUNNING! Bob Johns officiated the service and two of my very favorite singers on the planet sung beautifully (that would be Dave Crowder and the wonderful Melissa Williams). Every time I hear Crowder sing Come and Listen, it reminds me of that glorious day. The whole day was God-ordained and seeing all our family and friends come to celebrate with us was incredible.
Our story
Mark and I have known each other since I was a freshman in High School and he was a big, cool senior. We go way back. Our relationship started as friends with a lot of flirting throughout the years. I had huge crush on him and he'll say the same about me, but the timing wasn't ever right until the Christmas Eve service in 1997. We were both single and went on several dates over the break. I was in my 5th year of college at TTU and he was headed to Grad School at AT&M, so we decided to continue dating and have a long-distance relationship. A really, really long 7 and 1/2 hour away relationship. That's what the Lord knew we both needed. It was really hard and we talked on the phone way too much, but we built a solid foundation and we were forced to communicate well. After a year of that we were engaged! Even though my dad tried to talk him out of it (true story for another post...I think my parents liked Mark more than me at that point:-)) Mark prevailed and with my parents blessing we were getting married! We were engaged for 5 months during which time Mark and I both graduated, moved, got jobs and pretended that we were grownups. And then on June 26, 1999 after only and year and a half at ages 23 and 26 we were husband and wife! YAY!
The past 10 years
Boy I had a lot of growing up to do when we first got married! I learned quickly that my usual tricks did not work with Mark. One of the things I love the most about Mark is how authentic he is. He is steadfast in his faith and never influenced by peer-pressure or others to be something he's not. He can spot bull from a mile away and is very loyal to his friends and family. We have been through a lot the last 10 years and our marriage has been tested. But, I am proud to say that we are committed to each other and we meant the vows that we took. We have been there for each other in sickness and health, joy and sorrow, and desperation and bliss. We have seen wealth and it has been taken away. I wish I could write a little note to myself about being so stubborn, selfish and sensitive and know that better times are ahead! I cannot imagine parenting without Mark and I love how thoughtful, sincere and protective he is to me and the kids. He is hilarious and his dry sense of humor still makes me laugh every day! Mark, I am so thankful to be your wife. Here's hoping our 20th anniversary is not plagued by strep throat...UUGGHHH!!!
I love you more and more each year.
Happy anniversary!


Melissa said...

I love your story. I think it is one of my very favorites. Have a wonderful anniversary. So do you have strep? Why are we the queens of that illness? And at very unopportune times!love you guys!

Caryn said...

SO SO Sweet, Oh - such a sweet post . What a BEAUTIFUL bride!! I love reading your story and your encouragement to Mark on your 10 year anniversary!!!! I remember that beautiful day, like it was yesterday...probably because I liked the details more than my own wedding day or maybe because it was Stacey and I's coming out party...regardless I loved it!!

You guys have such a wonderful relationship and I can see you leaning on Christ in he way you love, care for and respect one another in all your similarities and differences.

So sorry that your precious sicky is putting in a kink in the celebratory plans :(

Happy Anniversary!

Mindy said...

OH Beautiful Bride!!! What a sweet post! I absolutely loved reading all of this. You guys are just wonderful!!!

Happy 10th Anniversary! I'm sorry to hear someone is sick in your house.

Blessings from the Reeds said...

You are right, the picture is priceless! Beautiful bride:) Wow, that was so cool to read your story. It brought tears to my eyes to read through then and now. God sure knows what he is doing. He placed two beautiful people inside and out together for life. Plus, the 2 precious kiddos he has blessed you guys with. Have a WONDERFUL Anniversary to the most amazing couple! Thank you for sharing your story with me. Again, priceless!

Shannon said...

Happy Anniversary! What a sweet sweet post. I remember the wedding well....ours was only two weeks away! I hope you guys get well and can go out and celebrate. Love you!

Kylie said...

Happy anniversary! Love to you both!

shannonmichaelis said...

happy anniversary! strep throat - ew! so sorry about that one. i know there's a photo of derek in one of your wedding photos. i remember thinking how cool we were being able to be there. congrats on so many years!