Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day to Relax?

Day 5- Swimming, Downtown Disney and Magic Kingdom's Electrical Light Parade
Day 5 was a day to relax...sort of. We spent the morning at the lazy river and the swimming pools with these 5 adorable kids.

Aunt Cary captured this great smile on my little man, so I just had to post it. He is turning into quite the little fish.

While Ally was napping at the condo, Mark and I thought we would surprise Ryan with a trip to Downtown Disney and visit the 2nd largest LEGO store in the world! This place was like a LEGO lovers dream come true. They had more merchandise than I've ever seen plus a covered playground where you can build your own LEGO. The smiles from Ryan were so sweet to see. He was SOOOO excited. Honey also made the trip with us. I'm so glad she was there to see Ryan's JOY. Tip: Downtown Disney is not crowded at all around 3:00 in the afternoon.

Next to the LEGO store is a brand new T-Rex restaurant. It's owned by the same folks that own the Rainforest Cafe, so you can only imagine how incredible it is(complete with a Build-A-Dinosaur). It was really something to see.

The Ice Room

Moving T-Rex

Ryan spotted this slushy and we went in for a snack. (Honey bought all the grand kids one of these enormous drinks to have after nap-there were a lot of smiles when we returned!!!!)

After dinner out, GP, Honey, Caryn and I took Ryan and Stacey to Magic Kingdom to see the 9:00 parade. Here we are on the monorail-another highlight for the little boys.

These two thought they were something special to stay up late and go to Magic Kingdom without the "babies".

We were suckers for the light up carts. They had Mickey light sabers and the boys convinced GP that they really needed one!

Tough guy

What is that I see more cotton candy? We had a sugar detox this week-and it wasn't pretty!

The parade and Cinderella. I took this for my sweet princess to see since she was always asleep when we saw the princesses-:(

After the parade we rode Big Thunder Mountain in the dark-my kind of Roller Coaster!

A little Jedi fighting

10:00 fireworks

I really enjoyed this day as well. It was such a fun experience with Ryan. I just wish Mark could have seen his sweet expressions that night, but he was at home with our #2 sleepyhead. So if you're headed to Disney World make sure you have a "day to relax" mixed in with all the park fun!

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