Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm not complaining...well maybe a little

I wrote this post last night inbetween Ally throwing up and almost deleted it but decided that I am still claiming HIS TRUTH and posting it.

Tuesday night at midnight:
I am up late once again and felt the urge to write to get all of this out of my heart and mind. goes:).
The last couple months have been extremely difficult. We've been hit hard with so much stuff that I have just been trying to 'survive the day'. Well ya know what, I'm tired of surviving the day I am ready to LIVE again!! My faith is solid, my marriage is good, I am surrounded by fantastic friends, I love instructing zumba and of course my kids are the highlight of each day but I am sick and tired of being sick and tired! On Oct. 22, I got diagnoised with mono and since then I've had strep, migraines, horrible sinuses, MAJOR fatigue, wierd yellow eyes, plantar fachitus, and a sprained ankle. I've never been sick like this in my life and have done more bloodwork and tests than you can imagine. Everything keeps coming back "normal" which is great except I feel lousy every day. Blah blah blah..,:). I also feel terrible that my husband is having to deal with all my wierd health stuff when he needs me to be strong for him right now. Throughout this season of life God is still moving, still listening still covering us with only the strength, love and grace and revealing himself to us all the time. The last few weeks we have been discussing conditions of the heart in our zumba devotion. I have struggled with each and every one: control, self-pity, jealousy, anger, pride. I know the Lord is patiently waiting for me to get these lessons but I am having a hard time not falling into a frusturated mind set, and that's not a good place for me to be. As I'm studying to prepare my lessons I hear God asking me if I believe what the Bible says. Do I really believe that That I can cast my cares and anxiety on Him, that HE makes all things new, and HE will fight for me I just need to be still. So tonight at 12:52 I am claiming your word Lord, and I am done, done, done with all this!!
Take that Satan.

We are in hillcrest hospital tonight with our beloved Ally as she heals from the most terrible stmach situation of her life. She seems to be feeling a little better and is enjoying her new coloring book from Aunt Kacey. Please keep us in your prayers tonight and pray protection over the rest if our family. Still claiming truth!

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Ally's First Slumber Party

We had the J-O-Y of watching Lila a while back and it was quite an exciting night for these two. We had really been talking up having a slumber party with Lila LEW and sweet Ally was beyond thrilled that she was going to sleep in her room!! Their excitement was hilarious. First we did a little playing with Pretty Ponies.

Then some hugging and they HAD to wear matching shoes of course

Then baths and giggling, and more laughing

Then some sweet prayers from Daddy (aka Uncle Marky)

This picture makes me tear up because Mark and I love our precious nieces and nephews like they're our very own! I wish I could tell ya they slept peacefully all night long but not so much:). We did figure out that they were both very used to sleeping in beds alone so once we put one on the floor it was lights out! Super fun Slumber Party if you ask me.

Lila we can't wait to have you back soon!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Merry Christmas

"Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord."
Luke 2:11

Christmas 2010

This Christmas was the very first time that we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with just our family of four. We did see Honey and GP for a bit and that was wonderful but for the most part we were here. It was odd and quiet, and sad and we missed everyone, but we needed a quiet place to worship Him this year.

Mark found this sweet little mirrored box for Ally and it has already become a treasure to her. It's so sweet how she tells all her friends that her Daddy gave it to her. SO SWEET!

Thank you Daddy

At home after the Christmas Eve Service trying to get ready for bed.

And then...SANTA!

Ally got her skates and has been a skating fool!

Christmas Day

Ready for Lunch!

and a mean game of Disney monopoly. I forgot just how long those games take.

I hope you and your family had a Merry Christmas as well.

Santa pic and Cousin Christmas

Oh how I love the annual trip to see Santa...we've come a long way baby! This year we were able to get 6 of the 8 grand kids to see Santa. After waiting a hour in line this is what we got. HA!

It's not bad just not good ya know? :).
Earlier in the week Ryan got to ring the bell with GP for the Salvation Army. He was a big hit, almost everyone that came into Walgreens on this very chilly day gave Ryan and GP some money. I love that my dad is instilling the heart of servanthood in my children---SUCH a blessing!!

After Santa we headed to GP and Honey's for some presents. These three were very excited!

And the ripping, screaming and new toy euphoria began...and it was over in a flash.

Lila was just 'pretending' to sleep on her new princess sleeping bag and Ally immediately had to put on her new gold sparkle dress--ooh La La! Also, all the boys got boxing gloves---real boxing gloves. Let me tell ya this was a gift to both Ryan and Mark. They have been duking it out A LOT!

Thank you mom and dad for making this year special through the craziness!

Love this new family of 4!

And of course my sweet kiddos.

We missed our Daddy while he was working hard in Dallas. He somehow managed to earn enough sales in the last two weeks to make his 11th President's Club trip. Honestly I am SOOO proud of you Mark Christopher Wood, and I have no idea how you continually earn this prestigious award year after year. You're amazing and I LOVE how you constantly provide for us even in the midst of heartache. XOXOX

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Chapel

Ally had her big preschool debut singing in Christmas Chapel this year. WOW this was a different experience than when Ryan sang he when was in Mrs. Thompson's Class! Ally was not nervous at all, sang every single word and looked precious the whole time. I have some great video but couldn't get it to upload---boo! Here are some pics after the event!

We were given glow sticks instead of candles for silent night, and the girls were trying to make them glow during Pastor Toby's sermon. Honestly it was hilarious seeing them both under the chairs on the floor. I have also come a long way too the second time around. Instead of insisting that they sit in their chairs perfectly still and silent, I just let them crawl all over the nasty floor---and you know what, we were ALL happier :).

Ally girl we are so proud of you singing your heart out, way to go!