Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mother's Day in Pictures

I love Mother's Day! It's one day a year that I know will be filled with hugs and smiles and sweet roses...or maybe not, but still a great day :).  This year Kacey had the Brilliant idea to take all 10 cousins' pictures and frame it for my mom.  Kacey had a 3 week old mind you but still she somehow organized this, and I LOVE IT!!! Thanks Kacey for making this happen.  I was very worried about Brady taking a picture but should have been more concerned with my eldest and his horrible attitude.

Sweet cousins

 In typical mark Wood fashion I was given my mother's day gift a day early:) which I never have a problem with.  Ryan and Ally made me sweet cards and I got...
 A ninja blender! I couldn't help but think of Father of the Bride when she weeps over receiving a blender! I wasn't sad at all but it still made me giggle.
 Ally saved me her gift until Sunday morning.
 A sweet handprint from a  sweet girl!
 After church it was lunch at Honey and GPs with all the cousins

 I mean stop it! look at how cute he is!!
 Nana and Sam made the drive from Lubbock and we always enjoy their visits.
 3 generations,
 lots of girls,
 The Wood family,
 Caryn and her boys
 and my super silly one!
I am extremely blessed.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Track Meet Baby!

A little know fact about me---I was on the Midway track team in 7th and 8th grade.  That's right! Shocker:) especially since I LOATHE running these days.  Mainly because each step is like torture on my knee.  But back then I really loved track.   Watching my Ryan run at the BU track was super fun and brought back very fond Jr. High memories, and let's be honest there aren't many fond Jr. High memories.  This track meet is put on by Liveoak Classical School each year and all the Waco private schools send their 4-8th graders to compete in 100, 200, 400 yard dashes, relays, long jump and softball throw.  Students have to qualify for these events so you only run in a few races.  Since our school needed a couple more runners, Ryan was asked to run with the 4th graders.  You better believe he loved every second of it.
First up 100 relay.  Ryan ran the 2nd leg and won his leg! So exciting

 next up long jump.  I think this was the first time he had ever jumped in sand :).  

 not bad bud!
Next up a little rain and waiting for the 100 yard dash
 Run Forrest RUN!

 More rain (thankfully no delays!) and a picture that he swore he was smiling in. 
That BOY!
 sweet WCS friends Ainsley and Braden
 Brady Lovin' his first track meet

 next was the 400
 Nice form!
 sprint to the finish
I didn't get his softball throw because it started pouring by then but he did good there too.  I love to see his competitive athletic side really start to develop.  I just know this skill will help him achieve his goals later in life.  
So fun watching WCS---GO wildcats!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Paul Revere and the Midnight Ride into 3rd grade

This year has been SUCH a wonderful year for Ryan.  He adores his teacher and has some really great friends in his class.  Third grade work has been more challenging for him and he loves a challenge!  Last week his class presented their historical biography projects, and they were really fantastic.  Ryan was Paul Revere and he did a great job.
Some historical friends

 And my Paul maybe his hat was on the wrong way and Paul definitely didn't wear black and yellow under armour shoes but the fact that he got up in front of 40 people, read his report, with power point and props was AWESOME!!!
 We had to make a quick exit after Ryan gave his presentation because this guy cannot be still or quiet :)
 His favorite trick is getting Honey's name tag 
 Great job Ryan! You amaze me.