Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy 34th!

I absolutely cannot believe that I was born 34 years ago!!! Seriously how can I be this old?! Some days I feel really wise and confident and then the very next day I am back to being 18 again. I have learned a couple things in my 30s. This is what I know to be true.

1. God is faithful. Even in trying circumstances, even in disappointment and confusion, He is there! He's the Beginning and the End. He's never surprised, conflicted or confused, and that is VERY comforting to me.
2. God is who He says He is. He can do what He says He can do. I am who God says I am. I can do all things through Him. God's word is alive and active in me.
3. Marriage is work. It can easily fall into a rut. I need face to face time with my hubby every single week! Please don't misunderstand me, I am more in love with Mark today than I have ever been, but I have realized that with our hectic schedules, pressures, work, etc.. date nights get pushed aside. To be a better parent; I need time alone with Mark that is guilt free.
4. My friends are amazing. They are consistent and authentic. I have a wonderful support group that I did not have in my 20s, which is FANTASTIC! I am thankfully over the need to pretend, to not be myself. Some will tell you I am too much myself, and could use a little more mouth training:-). I am over caring about what others have, what others think about me, my clothes, weight and trying to impress or justify. That, my friends, is freedom! It is honestly refreshing to be prayed over, humbled, pushed and content with my friends.
5. I love a good par-tay! I love planning it and searching for ideas and letting the creative juices go crazy.
6. I have learned to say no this year. The Lord and Mark have been working on this for years...remember I'm a slow learner:-). This has never been a strength of mine. I feel like I let others down, or feel guilted into doing things or whatever. But this year I did it and you know what, the world kept right on going. I need to celebrate this one. I am putting my family higher on the list and seeing the rewards!
7. I love Zumba. I may look silly dancing around but, I am still a dancer at heart so this class fits me perfectly! One of my besties, Erica, teaches Zumba at our church and I love how I feel after each class. She's amazing to watch and does a devotional each week that always hits home. I have really enjoyed watching this ministry take off. The Lord is really blessing her efforts and it's just plain cool to see His hand at work!
8. My children are huge. I was staring at Ryan this week thinking I cannot believe how big he is. Ally too...they are incredible and I am HONORED to be their mommy!
9. I love a good deal. Target is still my home and I get sucked in almost every week. Mark doesn't have the same affection for Target but my children sure do!
10. I am not in control. This is something that I would say I knew but really didn't believe. I have learned several lessons this year in trusting the Lord with everything, including my family. I was finally convinced that I am not in control. Scary, and freeing at the same time.

I have learned so much more but 10 seems like a good number to stop on. Have a fantastic weekend. I am having an awesome bday! We're on VACATION! Whoo-Hoo!!

Mark's President's Club trip in Punta Cana, DR.

Off to get a birthday fruity drink:-)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

S to the N-O-W!

There is just something about watching the snow fall that is extremely calming. We have had such a fun day playing and being lazy around here that it almost feels like a vacation:-). Ryan got out of school at 11:30 today and couldn't wait to get home and throw some snowballs. By the way, He's a great shot. Here's a few pictures of our Terrific Tuesday.
This is the only time sweet Ally ventured outside. She likes looking at the snow from inside the warm house. But she sure does look cute (thanks Heather for these ear muffs...PRECIOUS!)

Ryan has been smiling non-stop today. Such a treat!

Oohhh Ahhh so pretty

Our mini-Vader Snowman

Ryan and I had so much fun building this. We came up with all sorts of ideas for awesome snowmen. He loves to be creative!

Oh course then he had to get in a little light saber duel.

And that turned into light saber baseball? Thanks R-man for playing with me today. I love seeing your big boy smile, it warms my heart!

Thank you Lord for this perfect day. (And for the 10:00 start tomorrow:-)).

Monday, February 22, 2010

Ally's Halftime Show!

Ally had the privilege of preforming at the Baylor Men's Basketball halftime show last week, and she did SO good! She is in a group called TOTS (Teams of tomorrow) and it was probably the cutest performance I've ever seen. Here she is ready to go to her "game".

Showing me some pre-game skills

In order to preform they each had to have their own TOT basketball. Thanks Honey and GP for this ball, she is so proud of it and she plays all the time with her favorite boys.

It was a double treat since the Bears were playing my Raiders. We got smoked but had such a great time at the game!

One proud Papa.

Ally and her sweet friend Landry. I adore his momma and her entire family. (She's also a Red Raiders and a Tri-delt so basically she's awesome-hehe).Thank you Robin for making sure that mean ol' BU bear didn't get my precious one. :-)

Getting ready looking at the blimp in the stadium. I have to be honest this experience was SO different then my performance experiences with Ryan. Ally wasn't nervous at all. She marched right out there and did everything she was supposed to do. And she was Happy as a little clam the whole time! This must be what it's like for most of you parents out there...piece of cake! Mark and I were extremely proud of her!!!

The music began and they started their show...precious!

Ally and Landry watching their teachers to see what was next (thanks Cari for the do I ever need a new camera, this picture is SO clear)

Ally is a complete girlie girl and I didn't originally think TOTS would be for her but, she LOVES it! The teachers are so organized and they learn so much. I would recommend it to anyone...even a girlie girl like Ally.

going around the legs, another skill:-)

Here's a little video shot by Aunt Kacey. The actual performance was about 7 minutes but this is a great clip of the best part. Enjoy!

Way to go Ally!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Taste of Honey 2010

We had a wonderful fun family night at FWCS this year. I can honestly say that this was the best 'A Taste of Honey' yet!! The 6 weeks leading up to the event were full of stress, exhaustion, frustration and dependence but the actual night was AWESOME. I know that there are people out there that spent time on their knees praying for me and for that I am humbled and incredibly thankful. I did not take one picture so thank you very much and Kacey for sharing these photos!
The program

The table decorations

The donated desserts

The performance.

Some things just never change but you know what, I love that kid more and more every day!

Proud mommy after the performance. Notice his eyes. They were glued to the Star Wars class basket the rest of the night!

The class baskets. ( I really never want to see cellophane again!)

Ryan and Mark didn't leave the auction area the rest of the night. Their persistence paid off because we are the proud owners of not one but two of these little jewels. Happy doesn't even begin to describe Ryan's reaction to winning the Star Wars basket!

The auction.
I really wish I had a picture of each and every 147 items that were donated. Thank you Waco stores and restaurants for supporting FWCS!

Some of my favorite guests

Our amazing MC, Ryan Long.

Because of him we were able to raise over $18,000 this year. That's about $5,000 more than last year and I really think his quick whit, humor and professionalism throughout the auction made a huge difference!

And finally my co-chairman Heather.

There is absolutely NO WAY that this fundraiser would have happened without my sweet beautiful friend. I probably called and texted her a million times throughout this month:-). THANK YOU HB for all your hard work and sacrifice preparing for this night. You are incredible under pressure and I am constantly amazed by you. I'm SO proud to be your friend. I'm also so thankful that you are invested in FWCS and willing to work crazy hours to help our school. Love that about you!

There is also another very important group of people I need to thank (I feel sorta like I'm giving an acceptance speech here but just go with it...) To Erica, Lauren, Katy, Tonya, Mom, Dad, Kacey, Caryn and Mark: thank you for helping me in the sleet and snow set up the auction the night before, for setting up desserts, calling local stores, picking up auction items, cleaning up and for being consistent and supportive people in my life. I am SO blessed!!!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bye-Bye Bobcats

Ryan's Basketball season is officially over and it was amazing to watch him out on the court! We had our season ending party at Mazzios and enjoyed some delish pizza with his team. This year they received medals instead of trophies, probably since it is Olympic season. Whatever the reason this medal has been a huge hit at our house.

This was the only picture of Ryan at the party. I promise I tried but, he wasn't having it.

I am so proud of Mark leading those crazy bobcats. Ryan loved every minute of playing basketball this year and he was quite the superstar out on the court.

Team pics

We'll miss you onto baseball!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Daddy, Daughter Date Night

We made it! A Taste of Honey went great (pics on that later), the sicknesses left our house and somehow through grace and prayer we survived! Praise the Lord!

For Valentine's Day this year Chick-fil-A really outdid themselves. Mark got the privilege of taking Ally on a Daddy, daughter date night to her favorite restaurant. I cannot help but get a little misty looking at these pictures. Ally loves her Daddy SO very much and has really been looking forward to her very first date. She asked to wear a "pretty dress" so of course I got her dressed up for their big night. Here they are about to leave. If only I could post the amount of smiles and giggles that took place as Ally was leaving-pure J-O-Y!

Melt. my. heart.

Once they got to Chick-fil-A, they waited to be seated and then Ally received a goodie bag and a rose! They also got their picture taken together and were seated in a special section of the restaurant. Sweet Ally loves dessert just like her momma and was so happy about her brownie sunday.
Doesn't she look so Happy?!

And no Daddy, daughter date would be complete without a trip to Toys R Us. Mark said she could pick out anything she wanted and this is what she chose...a big pink ball. AAhh, Ally girl you're an easy one to please!

I love that Mark was able to spend time alone with Ally and I pray their relationship remains like this always.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

This is the way we party

At one point in my life if you would have told me I'd be at home in my PJ's with my kids on Super Bowl Sunday I would have said you're crazy!! Thankfully I don't always know best. I know...soak in that last sentence. I don't always know best:-). Tonight there's no place else I rather be.

I hope you are enjoying your evening.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Life inbetween sickies and fundraising

Life at the Wood's house has been a little cuckoo lately. The dreadful stomach bug of 2010 took over and our daily lives seem busier than ever. I am once again in charge of the A Taste of Honey fundraiser for FWCS and that is where all my free time has gone. Only 10 more days...I can do ANYTHING for 10 more days right?!?! So sorry folks but this is nothing more than a good ol' fashion catch up post. We have had some fun times too in the midst of craziness.
We went to a BU game (someone seems Very excited don't you think:-))

Ryan learned how to chew on sunflower seeds.

We enjoyed the rain with Ally's fancy new umbrella and rain boots (thank you Lauren, she LOVES them)

Ryan bought his very first on-line purchase with his own money. It was a new Star Wars Lego of course.

He's also played basketball and more basketball. We have the very best fans in the whole world!

Some of our favorite fans traveled all the way from Richardson to root on #2.

Ryan had his 100th day of Kindergarten celebration. I cannot believe that it has already been 100 days...didn't he just start? When Mark asked him about his day all he said was, "awesome!"

And we are getting ready for Valentine's Day. That is going to be a good day. A Taste of Honey will be over and we'll be a couple weeks away from our vacation. Until then I'll keep feeling like The Little Engine That Could...
I think I can
I think I can
I think I can