Friday, June 5, 2009


Day 3- Epcot
This was my favorite day. I just love Epcot and I felt like I had my Disney legs on now and knew what to expect a little better than the day before. Here's our day 2 family photo. Don't you just love the background we chose-our hotel lobby:-).

Right when we walked in the park Ally spotted Daisy. Isn't she just precious with her pink heels and purple bow?

Honey with her Beauty and the Beast

The whole Purdy clan minus Stacey who took this group photo

We rode Misson Space and then headed to the Character Spot to get pics with the original 5: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto. A little Disney trivia-Daisy was added later and not part of the original group. You know just in case you ever need to know that for Trivial Pursuit or something. The kids were so excited to meet all their favorites. Just click to enlarge this image.

The flowers are AMAZING at Epcot. Everything was just immaculate and perfectly manicured. Little Ally was already ready for a nap at 11:00.

We rode Nemo and Ally had the best time seeing all the real fish. Then we watched Crush the Turtle and then walked to the coolest ride at Disney-Soarin'. I cannot really describe how incredible this thing was. Your feel like you are actually flying looking at different scenery from all over the world. You smell Pine trees in the mountains and oranges in Florida and the salt water in the ocean. It was just really really cool. I was a little afraid because of my new found fear of flying but I figured out fake flying is OK:-). Ryan, Mark and I all agreed that it was a top 5 ride.

Caryn booked us the most delicious lunch in Japan. The kids loved trying to use their chopsticks and this lunch was out of this world (get it-we were in Japan-HAHAHA)

The food was cooked right in front of us and it was DELICIOUS!

After lunch we headed to Paris and to the most delicious bakery I have ever been to (Thanks for the tip Melissa!!!) The creme brulee was soooooo good.

Ryan chose the cake of the day and ate almost every bite of this chocolaty goodness while Ally was passed out in the stroller for one of her many naps at the park-poor, poor baby.

Is there Cotton candy on my face? Oh my precious nephews:-) These three boys were filled with sugar of any kind: candy, cake, slushies, frozen cokes-you name it and they probably had it on this trip. After all it was a vacation right!?!

After dessert it was off to Test Track which was another great ride at Epcot. The boys LOVED it! Score another for Epcot. Day 3 was such an easy, breezy day with lots of AC, far less crowds and smiling kids. Have I mentioned that I love Epcot!


elizabeth said...

Epcot is my favorite, too! Soarin' was our favorite ride there, and our first place we went when we were at Disney two years ago.

Looks like so much fun! I want to go back!

MLP said...

I am just loving all of this!!!

My favorite picture is all of you beautiful girls with Minnie!!! Loved how Ally & Lila were matching, too! Darling!!!

Can't wait to hear about Day 4!!!

The Junods said...

My boys loved looking at all your pics and Caryn too. Such a fun trip! Can't wait to see more posts!

Libbie said...

I agree, Epcot was definately my favorite! Great pics.

Caryn said...

LOVE IT!! I am missing you guys!! III told me today he thinks its about time we went to Waco, good thing we'll be there in a week :)

shannonmichaelis said...

Love the play-by-play! Though I know Justin would love Disney, the naps in the hot, sweaty strollers still make me think that we are a couple years away before taking the plunge. So I am living vicariously through the Purdy rendition of Disney!