Monday, June 28, 2010

VBS rocked and ruled

We had such a FUN week at VBS this year. I get to teach with a lot of my besties and this year my sister Caryn was here again for the week and so was my sweet friend Shannon. It really was a great week!! Here is the week in pictures from the Missions room (the coolest room ever at FBC Woodway)
The three amigos


Sweetness and his mom

The whole Motley crew

Stacey's group

Ryan and Vancen

And traveling Sue...what a great outfit! (Sorry Lauren I didn't get you as traveling Sue ;-0)

Another awesome week of VBS

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Swim lessons

I feel like I should title this post...Ode to Mrs. Back.
My children absolutely adore her and I couldn't wait for another fun week of swim lessons this year. My kiddos both LOVE the water. This wasn't always the case with Ryan, but watching him today at the pool, you'd never know he didn't want to put his face in the water until he was almost 5. This boy can seriously SWIM.
"Let's do this!"
I hear that eating suckers before swim lessons makes you swim really, really fast.

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.

Ryan and Caroline raced everywhere they swam. They are both EXCELLENT swimmers.

The little guys were next and had a blast playing in the sand waiting their turn.

Ahh... preciousness

Landry, Ally and Charley

Ally has no fear of the water and Mrs. Back couldn't believe that she was Ryan's sister...they are very different:-). I loved watching Ally learn to swim.


Big brother was taking a break after class just chillin' in the chair. I feel like he looks like a teenager in this picture-slow down buddy!

Thank you Mrs. Back for another fantastic swimming experience!

Monday, June 14, 2010

My Bunny Ballerina

My beautiful Ally had her very first dance recital. She was VERY excited and invited everyone she could think of to attend. She even asked the HEB check out lady if she'd like to come...:-). She's loves to sing the Bunny Ballerina song and she knew all her moves. We were ready to go! I was hoping she wouldn't freeze once she got on stage.
My precious bunny and her big brother

Mommy and Ally (photo taken by Ryan)

Ryan had a buddy to play with until the show started. Thank goodness for Vancen and his Nintendo DS.

Backstage getting ready to go!!

The sweetest little group of ballerinas you've ever seen

I mean come on this is TOO CUTE!

Ally and AnnMarie

The big moment came and Ally didn't miss a beat. She did GREAT!!

Shakin' their bunny tails

The finale

Mark and I were both choked up at her performance. I can't believe how wonderful they all did. Jenni Holley Dance puts on a great recital.

Daddy gave his girl some pretty flowers

And GP did too. GP is a pro at dance recitals with three girls :-)

Grandma came too

The girls (Caryn, Kacey and Honey) all gave Ally a special present. Ryan was "helping' her open it.

It was a James Avery Ballet charm-her very first charm!! She wears it all the time and tells me exactly why she received it and who gave it to her each and every time she wears it.

Thank you guys for coming.

Ally, Daddy and I love watching you dance, and we're so proud of you.

The Pregger Sistas

These pictures are of my sweet sisters Caryn and Kacey right after we all heard the great news! I wish I could bottle up the excitement we had all weekend just dreaming about what life will be like this time next year. :-) I am already praying for these precious miracles and they are blessed to have the best parents imaginable!!!

Some PROUD parents

Little baskets of love

1, 2, 3 YIPEE!! :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Memorial Day at the Lakehouse

We absolutely LOVE going to the Lake and it's wouldn't seem like a summer holiday unless we were out in the boat, eating great food and hanging with the fam.
Here's the house from the dock,

and the lake from the house

My kids have so much fun and we do a lot of relaxing which is my favorite part.

Even Ryan can't contain his smile!

GP let all the grankids "drive" the COOL GP!

Precious cousins

It's not pretty but it's documented. I can still ski-three knee surgeries later. :-)

Stacey and Ryan having fun at the neighbors

And these two munchkins couldn't get enough of each other

We also braved the "slab" which is basically a low water crossing that has a ton of granite and small currents. The kids of course loved it.

My little swimmer girl. She has NO fear of the water and loves to go swimming in the lake.

Ryan does too!

All the sisters ended up with the exact same cover up from Target.
I'm not sure what that says about us, but we thought it was hi-larious! I will forever remember this day because got some VERY EXCITING NEWS. My sister Caryn is pregnant with TWINS...TWINS y'all!!! For the whole story check out her blog here. And another amazing blessing is that my sister Kacey is also pregnant. To follow her exciting story click here. It's too much JOY for this sister to handle. It's pretty funny because I cannot tell you the number of people that have either congratulated me or told me that I need to get busy. Really funny stuff. Unless the Lord has a miracle planned for our family, we are done having babies but, I cannot wait to have THREE MORE nieces and nephews. It's SOOOO cool that they get to experience this journey together, and also SOOO cool that I can be the one to bring them crackers and orange drinks since they are both feeling pretty lousy.
This is Ally's excited face that she's going to have THREE more cousins in December!!!

We really cannot wait