Monday, November 26, 2012

WCS Turkey Trot

One of my favorite events of the year was last week.  The annual WCS Turkey Trot.  It's such a fun day for my kids.  I also love gathering with fellow WCS parents, watching the kids perform, eating Bush's chicken and then heading out for the race! I never actually run the 1 mile or 3 mile race but it is very fun to watch!!:)
Honey opening us in prayer
Ally's class reciting this verse:
"Always give thanks for everything to our God and Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ" 
Eph. 5:20
 Ryan's class reciting THE ENTIRE Beautitutes.  simply. awesome.
 Then RW's favorite...singing songs with hand motions.  I will never tire of watching this. Like I've said before he's come a LONG way.
 Cousins.  Wow they are really starting to look older, sniff sniff
 Mark and his #1 sidekick
 the smiths (minus the twins)
 the woods (minus Brady) Caryn and I had such a leisurely afternoon.  Thank you Kacey and Debbie for watching the littlest members of our growing family.  I think we'll make that a tradition every year!
 Gp and the oldest 4...great smiles!
 getting ready to RUN.  On your mark....get set...

 These two ran the ENTIRE 3 miles! spectacular.
 These two took a few breaks on the one mile
 but they probably had more fun
(This picture cracks me up, they look like twins!)
 And these two just make me laugh
 Here comes Wyatt.  He also ran the ENTIRE mile.  Way to go WY-WY

 And here comes my baby girl.  Good job Ally!
 Another pic they look similar :)
 And here comes big brother.  I am honestly amazed that he can run 3 miles with no breaks.  Didn't get that from me!
 And Stacey too.  This Speedy Gonzalez actually finished before Ryan!!! I think he was 5th out the entire school and Ryan was 7th?? And That's the ENTIRE elementary which is first-SEVENTH graders.  We have some runners y'all.  

 tired guys
 and a cheerleader, cheering on her buddy Landry.  I love this picture.
 So proud of my crew,
 and I love that we get to share these fun school experiences with our friends the Bowdens.
Way to go guys!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Brady James Wood is SEVEN months old!

AHHHH this little precious one is another month closer to one year!  This month has been pretty exciting around here for Brady.  He now has 2 teeth, can move all over the place rolling, and started to 'army crawl' this week.  He is also testing out his vocal cords and wants to be held if he spots you walking by.  He is hilarious and still makes me smile all the time.  I was just telling my Bible study group this morning that I truly believe one of the reasons the Lord blessed me with this gift is so I would be forced to slow down and enjoy each little moment and milestone.  I sit and stare at him all the time and I am overwhelmed with gratitude.
I love this little half-smile, I mean stop the cuteness!
saying ba, ba, ba (bottle) clearly the boy likes to eat!

 trying to figure out how to get where he wants to go
 short screaming fit and diaper change and we're back :)
 big boy sitting up!!
 I got you basketball goal :) finally.
Brady I am so thankful for these days I get to spend with you.  LOVE you SO much!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A football player, a cheerleader and a football

Halloween this year was super easy and laid back.  We started off the weekend with our annual trip to the Fall Fest with our cousins.  The kids were great with not buying costumes and we were able to repeat their super cute ensemble from Ryan's birthday.
I promise you Brady weighs as much as a dozen footballs!
 Starting the night off right with Chick-fil-a at Honey and GPs
 A wolf, a bride and three pigs walk into a bar...:)
 So the group shot wasn't happening but I am documenting the A for effort!

 My kids won the prize for posing, and B-man was flirting it up with the camera
 Beautiful Bride doing a balance trick
"I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down" 
 The fall fest was fun and short lived because Ryan had a football game smack dab in the middle of the fun but we had enjoyed it while it lasted.
Later in the week Ally also got to dress up for gymnastics with Ella and Aubrey
 sweet little tumblers
And on Halloween night we honored our tradition of trick-or-treating with the Weavers. We are so thankful that we live in the same neighborhood
 7 kids in nine years
 Happy first Halloween little man!