Friday, September 27, 2013

Ryan's baptism

 What an amazing and unforgettable night.  Ryan became a believer on Christmas Eve in 2009 at age 6, he completed the new believers class at church and we've had lots of discussions over baptism the past few years.  Mark and I knew that when he was ready he'd let us know, and that's exactly what happened.  He cam home from Sunday school a few weeks ago and said "I think I want to get baptized on Sept. 22".  Typical Ryan Wood behavior,  when he's ready to do something he does it.  He absolutely cannot be talked into anything ever!  We know this quirk will serve him well later in life.  After my mouth fell off the floor Mark talked to him a bit about baptism again and he wanted to know if GP would be able to do it.  Again Ryan's idea, Ryan's timeline and it was perfect.  So, the night before Ryan turned 10 he professed his faith to a group of believers at First Woodway.  GP got to baptize him, and it was a treasure that I will always remember.

I love seeing my dad with my #1.  
Excited, emotional parents
 Brady's favorite place to be between Honey and Grandma.  So thankful they were here too!
 powerful expression of faith

 I've never been more proud of him!
 it was awesome 
 Happy Woods
 so grateful that my sisters and brother-inlaws and cousins were there too.  
It's an amazing thing being a parent.  It can be the biggest adreline rush ever or the lowest low possible. I think that being a parent gives us insight to how a Father loves and forgives and how awful it was seeing His Son die on the cross.  To know that my Father in heaven loves my Ryan more than I can comprehend is overwhelming to me sometimes.  

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Brady and his love affair with shoes

 Brady is cruising around everywhere these days but still not walking without assistance.  His very favorite thing is socks and shoes.  He plays with them all the time.  "Shoes on", "Socks on', quickly followed by "Off, off OFF!!"  He is talking up a storm.  And repeats anything we say....anything as in dangit.  lovely.  I love him and I'm so thankful I get to spend my days putting on and off his socks and shoes.

Monday, September 23, 2013


 Today my firstborn baby turns ten.  Ten years old? How is that right? Wasn't he just learning to walk and starting Kindergarten?  I vividly remember last year thinking Ok he's nine...we made it nine years and I will have him for nine more before he goes to college.  I don't like the pendulum swing this year!  I love the young man he is becoming and I see him maturing and growing every day.  He is 5 ft. tall, wears a mens size 7 shoe (we have the same size feet!), a wonderful helper with Brady, super organized and still never needs help with homework.  He loves to read, loves LEGO and sports, All sports but especially baseball and football.  He is kind, and quiet and then the next minute loud and crazy.  He has a wonderful group of friends and is a natural born leader.  I know that God has a plan for him and I can't wait to see how He will use his unique talents and gifts.  My heart bursts with love for this child.  He is a challenge to discipline and keeps me on my toes every single day.  Thank you for your grace Ryan as we figure out this journey together.  I don't always get it right but you are quick to forgive and I love you TONS!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIDO!

My Ryan is very opinionated (I know I know...) so when it came to his party this year he knew exactly what he wanted.  No invitation "mom, just text the moms", no decorations, and a baseball party.  His plan was for Mark to pitch tennis balls in the backyard for home run derby and then play a little football.  Easy peasy. except not.  Waco got a monsoon on Friday, so we quickly had to make a few changes.  I called every single place in town and no luck, everything was booked so we opted for a 2 shift indoor party.  Family came by first for an hour then his friends came over for a loud, wild indoor bash.



 Texas Ranger family

 family gifts

 We moved the TV from our bedroom for additional b-day fun.  Uncle Josh loaned us his XBox.  SCORE!
 A family that loves turquoise :) 
 and a group of orange lovers---Caryn you get a gold star everyday for this crazy crew
 Honey and GP with their #1
 all three love Grandma
 cousin gifts
 Aunt Kacey stealing a hug
 sweet LEGO 
 I LOVE love love this picture.  
 This kid racked up some cash this year

 Since we had two shifts the little cousins got M&Ms instead of cookie cake which they didn't seem to mind
 Next up, friends!
crazy kids

 generous gifts from friends
 Happy birthday Ryan!!
 group shot
 way more accurate :)))
 Fun fun night!!