Monday, September 28, 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009


The Purdy family loves the Red Raiders. We especially love TTU football. Last weekend Kacey and Josh had us all over to watch the game and we had a blast as usual. Josh cooked an amazing meal and Kacey entertained the kids with a little cupcake decorating. Ahhh, black icing, isn't it the best??? (she said sarcastically) The boys had a ball decorating and eating some Texas Tech cupcakes. Little Ally was taking a nap and missed the fun.

Did you see Wyatt's smile and black teeth? I instantly crack up at my precious nephew, but this picture is hilarious!!!

The Red Raider women.

My little Raiders. In typical Ryan fashion he cheered for the longhorns all night just to be different. In fact, he was showing the 'hook 'em horns' sign in most pictures but I refuse to post such blasphemy-:-)

Honey being tackled by the kiddos. Ryan had clearly had enough pictures!

Honey, GP and the grand kids

Miss Precious herself

The boys decided to watch Monsters Inc. instead of the game after about one quarter. I love this picture of the cousins. Small, Medium and Large.

Win or lose we always have fun as a family watching our Raiders, but we would much rather they WIN!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

...Ryan turned 6! We had a kickin' Star Wars party last night to celebrate Ryan's birthday. The day was not a typical Angie organized event, but somehow with the help of my AMAZING house party (Caryn, Kacey, Mom, Heather and Lauren) the party turned out to be a galactic good time-he he!

Here's how the day went.

Ally's STILL sick so no MDO, Drop Ally off at Grandma's, Errands and more Errands, hospital visit to keep my friend Erica company while her mom was in surgery, a text from Mark that we have to take Ally back to Dr. Nesmith, Dr. visit followed by a complete mental breakdown. And oh yeah the party's at 5:30. UUGGHH!!! Ally was diagnosed with strep last week so we've been very low key for an entire week now. Her fever would not go away so we went back to the doctor to find out she now has the flu as well as the original strep. Ya'll know that news just did me in. My sweet husband took the afternoon off from work knowing I would need his shoulder to cry on-thank goodness for his intuition. At one point Ally was praying for me. She kept saying, "Dear God, it's OK" . I mean she is the sweetest!!! And then she asked Mark to bring me some ice water to make mommy better:-) After an hour, several phone calls and some serious delegating we were having the party. Ryan has been looking forward to this forever and he had a fantastic time.

The invitation

Before we left for the party Ryan opened cards from Nana and Aunt Shirley. Thank you both for his sweet cards and birthday money. He is anxious to go to Target and spend it:-)

And we wouldn't have been able to go to the party without sweet Grandma coming over to watch Ally. Norma you really blessed me yesterday. Thank you VERY much. Do you see Ryan's big smile??!!

The *Cersey Professional Party Planning Team had everything looking amazing. Thank you sisters. There is no way I could have done this without you. Don't mess with these three. Princess Leia has nothing on us:-)

(*Cersey is a name my dad used to call Caryn, Kacey and our dog Lindy growing up. It's a combo of all Purdy names)

The decorations

Some party Padawans

The kids played in the gym the entire time-note Ryan's sweatiness. I'm pretty sure sweatiness=FUN!

Click on this picture to see the all the kids with Darth Vader. Each Jedi got to have a foam light saber for the party. I wish I could upload some video of the smacking, hitting and smiles that went on during the party. Even little baby Clark got to get in on the light saber action.

Now it was time for some Galactic pizza, light sabers, The Force Fruit salad, Vaderade, Jedi Juice, Ewok Eats and The Dark Side chips and dip.

And then cake and Yoda Soda.

Singing Happy Birthday to my little Jedi in training.

Ryan told me not to get a cake this year but I figured his friends might enjoy it! How can you have a party without cake?

The Yoda Soda servers

Onto the gifts

Ryan has wanted a Nintendo DS for a while now. Honey and GP scored big time with this gift.

Honey trying to sneak in a little kiss.

Group shot of the Star Wars gang (Look at how proudly Stacey is holding Lila-so stinkin' cute)

We really did have a wonderful party. Ryan wanted to make sure his sister got to see the balloons, have a piece of cake and experience some of the party when we got home. Melt. my. heart. I have a feeling that this is a scene I will be seeing a lot at my house.

Feel better soon my little princess!

I know I say this every year but I cannot beleive that my baby is 6!

Daddy and I love you so much and we are so proud of you this year. We love that you love kindergarten and that you are storing God's word in your heart. It has been awesome to hear you ask very important questions about becoming a beliver. That is the most important thing in your life and I feel extremely blessed to know that you are starting to really get it. I am also thrilled beyond words at how sweet you are to Ally and your cousins. It is awesome to watch you with them. I hope you have a wonderful day today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Love you baby boy!

Mommy and Daddy- Jedi Masters

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I love Tuesdays,

Because this is the face I get to see on Ally's 'school' day. She gets SO excited about Daddy taking her to school too. She is really growing up ya'll! Doesn't she seem older all of the sudden? I know it's a good thing that she is potty trained, sleeps with no binky and talks up a storm, but it's hard on this momma. I hope you love your Tuesday today!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

"In the beginning...

...God created the Heavens and the Earth." Genesis 1:1.

This was Ryan's memory verse the first week of Kindergarten. They memorize a verse a week and a lot of the lessons throughout the week are centered around that verse. Mrs. Sims was teaching her students all about God's creation. Here is my child's first writing Journal (he tried to color the cover black, but ran out of time).

God made Star Wars.

I am glad God made Legos.

I like Star Wars.

I can play Legos Star Wars Wii.

(My favorite) If I were a fish, I would have a light saber and fight.

I think it would be great to see Real Star Wars.

At least the boy knows how to work a theme! I don't think this was the point but I love that Mrs. Sims just let him roll with his favorite 2 topics: Legos and Star Wars. Hilarious.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lunch with the Big Kids

Last week Miss Priss and I went to eat lunch with Big Brother. Ally has been really looking forward to this and I was also curious to see how the whole lunch thing with Kindergartners and First Graders goes down:-). Here's Honey and Ally before lunch. We are SO BLESSED that Ryan gets to go to First Woodway Christian School. It is an amazing place. We cannot go to the school without making a stop to see our favorite administrator!

Ryan chose Dominos pizza for lunch and this was the best picture he was going to give me. nice.
One thing to know about Ryan is that he would really like to be invisible. He doesn't like any special attention, acknowledgement or anything out of the ordinary when he's in public. So he was not too happy about walking to the end of the table to eat with Ally and I. Honey says I was the exact same way as a kid, so it's no wonder she knows how to deal with him so well! Sometimes I can get so frustrated with him for this personality quirk, but thankfully mom assures me things will change one day. I mean just look at the social butterfly I am now-he he. Miss Priss does not share this affliction. Note the blue teeth. She was having the time of her life.

After school, I asked Ryan if he enjoyed our little lunch and he said, "yeah, but next time I want to sit with my friends".-classic Ryan.

So I guess I'll bring him lunch and watch him eat from afar!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dance, Dance, Dance!

Yesterday marked the beginning of a beautiful dance career for our little ballerina. I love all things dance so I was thrilled to find a 'tiny tots' class right down the street. Ally came out of the womb twirling and spinning and she loves to dance around the house ALL THE TIME! I was so proud of her for going to a new studio, obeying her teachers and participating (a little).

A beautiful little dancer

Don't you just love these tiny little shoes:-)!

The class is only 30 minutes so it's perfect. This picture was taken through the 2 way mirror, so it's terrible, but I mean come on is this not the cutest class you've ever seen???!!!

For some more pictures of Miss Ballerina click on Jennifer's AMAZING site. (go to clients and password is Ally). If you need a good photographer in Waco I highly recommend her!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sparkle, Ironman BEVO and another first

We took Ally and Ryan to Build-A-Bear this weekend to celebrate losing binky and starting Kindergarten! They both really love this place and it's fun to watch them throughout the whole process. Ally chose a pink unicorn and named it Sparkle and my son chose BEVO and named him Ironman BEVO. Yes you read that right we allowed a UT animal in our house...anything for our kids:-)!!! At least he's consistent in his uniqueness.

Here is Sparkle in her Hello Kitty PJ's and hot pink shoes. She inherited Ally's knack for accessorizing.

This morning was Ally's first day at MDO this year. She has wanted to go with Ryan almost every day since he started school, so to say she's excited is a huge understatement. This girl was all smiles this morning going to "school".

Mommy and Daddy are SO proud of you and we hope you have a wonderful, binky-free day today. We love you cutie pie!