Monday, June 8, 2009

Animal Kingdom and Bongos

Day 6-Animal Kingdom

Our Last Day at the parks. Did you think these post would ever end?!? Ryan and I got in really, really late the night before so this morning was a little bit rough for the Wood family. Thankfully, I had help getting the kids dressed and slathered in sunscreen or we might not have made it out the door!
Sweet little guys

Mark and Ally on the People Mover. By the end of our trip we were pros at loading everyone, strollers, lunches, etc. on this lovely little ride.

Real Macaws

The Tree of Life

Monkey See. Monkey do

Lila and Ally in their matching outfits. By the look on my face I think I was done. So far Disney was winning day 6.

Our family photo of the day

Ally just learned how to give real kisses-so SWEET!

We rode the Kilimanjaro Safari and the kids enjoyed seeing all the real animals. After this ride we were all done!

Ryan and I did ride one more ride to complete our park experience-Expedition Everest. This was a full-on roller coaster. I was very scared but he wanted to ride it and he is proud of himself that he was so brave. I am also so impressed with his level of bravery on this trip. He's growing up!!! After Animal Kingdom we all took a nap and then headed to the pool for one last swim and one more slushy:-).

Our little Tinkerbell

Freshly bathed and ready to sprinkle her fairy dust.

On our last night, we had dinner at Bongo's, a Cuban restaurant, in downtown Disney. The food was good and we enjoyed hanging with the Smiths while Honey and GP held down the condo.

So to recap: My Favorite Day -Epcot. Score: Angie-4.5 Disney -1.5. Slushys drank 150. Miles walked 37.5. Meltdowns-a dozen a day. Mysterious bug bites-2. Crazy sunburns-1. Leaky Diapers on airplane-1. Ally favorite,"Minnie and Pluto." Ryan's favorite,"buzz lightyear ride, the first roller coaster, swimming pools, Star Tours, LEGO store, and hanging with my cousins oh and the hotel". ( I think he had a hard time deciding, which proves that he had a wonderful trip!!!!) Mark's favorite, "pushing the stroller through the crowds in the heat." (I'm sensing some sarcasm there:)) He followed it up by saying that he loved seeing the joy on his children's faces and that it was an overall great trip.

Overall trip----Priceless.

Thank you for taking the time to look through our Disney trip. I promise I only posted about 1/3 of the 300 pictures I took. I really wanted to document this for our kids to see in the future. We had an amazing time and it was so neat for all of us to get together and share in this experience. The kids were so innocent and thrilled to see all the different characters and I know that will not always be the case. Our time in Orlando was magical. Thanks again mom and dad for making this happen and to Caryn for thoughtfully planning our days. I was so appreciative to take a backseat (most of the time;)) and just enjoy each moment.


MLP said...

Do not apologize for these amazing posts! I have LOVED looking at all of the pictures and most of all seeing the happy faces on ALL of the beautiful Purdy grandkids. That was a trip of a lifetime!!!

I love the ratings at the end, too. Mark's especially made me laugh!

On a side note, I love hearing you sing at church. Your voice is so beautiful!!!

Big Hugs to you!!!

Caryn said...

Nice job, I loved every minute! I especially liked your wrap up. I've been trying to think of how to capture a little reality within the midst of all the best moments :)

Libbie said...

It looks like you had a blast. Such sweet kisses from your little tinkerbell and love those smiles from your little man.

Katy said...

I loved all those posts! I felt like I went too! :) It makes me so excited to one day go with the Jurgensen crew. So fun! You will have great memories!!!

Jill said...

How fun!! And SUCH CUTE kids!! What do you use to create the collages??

Melissa said...

i loved seeing it all. so great that you had so much fun. we love it! ummm, and those little bloomers are the cutest thing i have ever seen!!! thank you so much and we will see you day!

Blessings from the Reeds said...

Priceless is right! This is what makes memories. I feel like I was there. Such a great post. Of course, Mark had me laughing. What a great trip!

Nicki W. said...

ahhhhhhh! makes me excited to go one day. how fun that the cousins got to go hang out!