Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ryan's is NINE

I feel like he just turned EIGHT...where did this year go?? Mark would tell you it was a LOOONNNGGG year filled with a grouchy, mean, sick, pregnant wife :).  In all honesty, I do not remember Ryan's party last year because I was super sick that day.  Brady is almost 6 months old and  that also seems impossible.  I think time must have stopped for me last spring!  My baby girl is loving life in Kindergarten and starting to read and we've been in school for six full weeks now---again how??  But this post is about our amazing NINE year old so here goes...

Ryan's birthday weekend started off with Root Beer Floats at school on Friday (which I have no pictures of).  The class loved the floats and it was an early release day so that was a fun treat.  On Saturday we went to Ryan's favorite breakfast spot, IHOP, and enjoyed a nice breakfast with Grandma. Then he had a flag football game and got to open an early birthday gift from Honey and GP.  Let the festivities begin!

 Ryan is a HUGE RGIII fan so this was a must have item to wear to his football party! Thanks Honey and GP
 Ryan is very specific about his parties so planning for him is very easy.  A ex-large cookie cake was his request.
 Me and my boys.  Brady was the football--he he.  And yes I have on a BU shirt---that's how much I love my son!
 My cheerleader, football player and football....these will also be our Halloween costumes this year, nice huh?!
 Wood party of five
 Mark and his little buddy.  Brady loves his daddy SO much!
 Whoa...careful Ry-guy
 I got this mom...I'm NINE
 and I still don't like pictures
 Some of the football decorations (not to be confused with Ryan's 'sports' decorations from last year-ha!)

 as requested a green and black birthday banner and NO balloons!
 All this was from Michaels---super duper easy.  We also had pizza a little later.

 cutest lil' cheerleader on the planet!
 These two were leading some great cheers 
 This is what the party looked like the whole time...a blur of boys playing football having a blast.

The only girls allowed :)
 RMW has some football skillzzzzz
 GP and number 6
 Honey feeding tiny:) 
For my own personal entertainment I bought some football sunglasses.  I really cracked myself up with these at the party, and forced several friends, and family members to put them guys were good sports!!! They are hilarious to me still :)

Wyatt asked me to take this picture and then he requested to take them home...this boy loves some dress up!
 Caden sportin' them too
he he-Heather, Erica and Kacey
 still funny! Brent and Scotty
 Three beauties :)
 and my favorite:)))) the three C's
Most pictures of Brady look like this.  He is THE BEST baby...just chillin' in the stroller sucking his thumb.
 Ainsley and Katy Ray---two of the sweetest girls ever.
 A familiar scene...GP and his girls
 Brady and Grandma
 Party People
 Time to eat and make boy noises

 Ryan has some really great friends
 Can you feel the excitement???

 Josh and his mini-me
 Grandma better watch out...Ryan's going to catch her pretty soon.
 He was having too much fun at the party to open gifts so we did that when we got home.  Thank you guys so much for loving Ryan the way you do. I say this all the time but we are incredibly blessed to have such supportive wonderful friends and family.  THANK YOU!

Dear Ryan,
How are you NINE?  These years have flown by and all I can think right now is that nine is halfway to 18! I am still amazed by you.  You can put a big huge LEGO together in an hour, you are always seeking knowledge and you retain everything you read and hear.  You challenge me to be creative with discipline and you love your family very much.  You are a great kid, a fantastic athlete, a wonderful student (all A's every report card), awesome big brother and most of the time a delight :).  You have grown so much and are in size 12 clothes and size 5 1/2 shoe.  You still have a sensitive spirit to others and you are really generous.  This past year has been really challenging with your migraines, adding another sibling, our schedule and you seem to take it all in stride.  I have noticed that new things are no longer intimidating to you and you are much more laid back than when you were younger.  Thank you for all your help with Brady and taking care of business around here.  We LOVE you Bud!
Mom & Dad 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Brady's FIVE months

Brady Boy you are FIVE months old! I love month five.  You are talking up a storm, laughing out loud, tracking everyone's movements,  loving your FEET and baby food and even starting to sleep a little bit better.  We're ALL ready for that sleeping through the night thing but you are doing much better this month!  Your personality is really coming through and we think you're hilarious and very laid back.  You love to be held by your momma but you're getting more adventurous and enjoy time alone on the floor now. You can roll all over the place now and you'll be in a different spot than where I left you!  Daddy makes you laugh the hardest and you miss Ally and Ryan while they're at school.  You are in Sunday school at church, playgroup on Wednesdays and Grandma watches you every Tuesday while I'm teaching kids and adult Zumba.  You are still growing by the minute and eating ALL THE TIME!  I really love seeing you in a different spot in your crib each morning and you make me smile every single day.  I was just telling a friend yesterday that I'm so thankful that the Lord knew we needed you in our family.  I cannot imagine not being your mommy!   I am so thankful for your flexibility because our weekly schedule is going to be hectic for a while with school football, Woodway Family Center Football, gymnastics, cheerleading, Bible study and playgroup! You're still very easy to take anywhere so I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts :)  XO
Here are some 5 month pics:
ahhhhh :)))) such a handsome fellow

you love to put your loveys and your silky in your mouth and you are constantly sucking your thumb
 too busy rolling for pictures!
You're very curious
and you LOVE your FEET,
  big boy highchair, 
 and baby einstein on the iPad :)
I know any week now you'll be sleeping all night long.  
Love you Brady Boy!  Can't believe you're growing so fast.