Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our precious Pink Bobblehead Dolphin-Shark

Ally's T-ball team is called the...wait for it...Dolphin-Sharks. An absolutely perfect name for a t-ball team if you ask them:). Ally has wanted to play ball like the boys for two years now, so when we realized she could play this season, and we knew the coaches we signed her up! She talks about it all the time but I'm pretty sure she likes the idea of playing t-ball better than actually playing the games.

Here she is prancing around the bases with her pretty pink bobblehead helmet.

Ok now what do I do? Oh yea...RUN!

She's absolutely hilarious to watch!

This picture cracks me up. It was BLAZING hot so sunscreen for everybody!

Ally thanks for being such a source of entertainment for our family. We LOVE watching you play ball girl!

Great season Dolphin-Sharks

Monday, May 9, 2011

We are the champions, the mighty Tiger champions!

WOWZERS! What an awesome Little League Baseball experience we've had this spring! Honestly it's been quite a lot with Mark managing a team and all the extra duties that are required but it has been well worth it. Our amazing Detroit Tigers won the league and are headed to the city tournament in a few weeks. Let's just say that Ryan and Mark are EXTREMELY excited!

Coach Wood, Coach Weaver and Coach Farmer have done an exceptional job with these 6 and 7 year olds and Ryan has turned into quite the baseball player this year. I'm sure he could tell you his exact batting average, if you ask him---it's really good! :). He loves every minute of the games and they are constantly playing ball in the back yard, and I love watching them bond through sports. It'll so sweet it makes me tear up if I'm not careful.

My sweet sisters were able to come to a couple games and took all these pictures since I am now without a camera. My sweet angel Ally dropped it at her last field trip and that's all she wrote! Thanks girls for documenting our time at Broughton Fields. Between this and Ally's tball we have clocked a lot of baseball hours lately! I love seeing these wonderful pictures taken with a good camera. It's time for this momma to upgrade (maybe anniversary...hint hint MCW).

Ryan plays first base and has grown at least a foot since last year, I mean he's gotten really tall y'all. Here are some pics from two different games this season:

#10 in full effect

Our awesome pitcher(he's so cute out there!)

Getting ready...


Just another home run for my little stud!(This is as close to a smile as you get during a game)

RW's fans

My sweet Jenn...and YES we were sitting in Ally and Lila's tiny princess chairs, whatever works:)!

GP and Coyt...I think? Sorry Caryn if I got that wrong. Either way one of the cutest twins on Earth!

Ally and her cousins

Sisters and Brothers

So Sorry Caryn, Honey and Grandma for not documenting your faithful presence at these games. I was just thinking this weekend of all the hours Norma Wood has spent at the ball fields watching Mark play through college and now Ryan. WOW!!! Thank you so much for never missing a game and always bringing the snacks :)

Ryan and Jake

Mark and Ryan

Boys I have loved every second of watching you two on the field!! Way to go TIGERS!