Monday, June 29, 2009

In bloom

Ryan and I are finally feeling much better from the dreaded strep. AMEN! Mark and I are planning to reschedule our anniversary for later this summer. Thank you for all you sweet prayers, emails and concern. Apparently our music minister, Chris Wommack, announced that I was sick since I was up to sing a solo on Sunday morning. Not perfect timing but it could be a whole lot worse. And a side note: To the inventor penicillin, Alexander Fleming, I am forever grateful. Without you I would have Scarlet Fever and be in the hospital. So Muchas Gracious ol' Alex!

As I was in my 40th hour of bed rest I was trying to think of something cheerful to post about and this immediately came to mind.

I just love driving up to my house these days:-). You know how cool it was that we got Landscape in January. Well, everything seems to be in bloom right now. I can take absolutely none of the credit (in fact I don't even know the names of most of the plants-shameful). Every day it makes me think of my Sweet Granny Liz because she adored flowers and all things garden. Click on my linky to see a picture of my house in January and this is what my house looks like these days. Amazing!

Cool Orange flowers

Forgotten Roses

The kids picked out these little flowers for Mother's Day and some of them are still alive:-).

This one is my favorite, Hibiscus. These flowers remind me of Hawaii and the colors are just gorgeous. Since I am such a flower novice, I thought they were weeds when they originally started coming up!! My sweet neighbor Julie kindly corrected me. Thank you so much Julie! I love seeing them bloom in the morning.

Thanks for reading my MeMaw post. What can I say: I am 33, a complete dork, been married 10 years and just getting old. I'll be sure to let you know how my dentures turn out (He- he.) Right now this is exciting stuff at the Wood Household. Speaking of exciting, My baby sister, Josh and Lila are moving here TOMORROW!!! I am thrilled the day has finally come. I cannot wait to help decorate their house, and see them all the time. Kacey I hope you're ready for a Wood invasion! Also exciting, my parents are headed to Hong Kong, for 16 days on July 1st. Please pray for their safety as the travel and that they will be able to minister to citizens of China. I am so proud of you Honey and GP. I cannot wait to hear all about your trip.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Who are these kids?

The wedding
Today Mark and I celebrate 10 years of marriage!! I love this picture that my dad took right after our ceremony at FBC Woodway. We were VERY excited to head to the reception and start our lives as husband and wife. I remember every single detail about that entire day. I was so ready to be Mrs. Mark Christopher Wood that it physically hurt. We had a perfect wedding thanks to my sister Caryn who planned every single detail. You know how I love a good party, well that love comes directly from her!! I honestly was not myself throughout the wedding planning. I left all the details up to my mom and sisters-so NOT Angela! I even stole Kacey's gorgeous platinum prom dress to be made into bridesmaid dresses. All my ladies looked STUNNING! Bob Johns officiated the service and two of my very favorite singers on the planet sung beautifully (that would be Dave Crowder and the wonderful Melissa Williams). Every time I hear Crowder sing Come and Listen, it reminds me of that glorious day. The whole day was God-ordained and seeing all our family and friends come to celebrate with us was incredible.
Our story
Mark and I have known each other since I was a freshman in High School and he was a big, cool senior. We go way back. Our relationship started as friends with a lot of flirting throughout the years. I had huge crush on him and he'll say the same about me, but the timing wasn't ever right until the Christmas Eve service in 1997. We were both single and went on several dates over the break. I was in my 5th year of college at TTU and he was headed to Grad School at AT&M, so we decided to continue dating and have a long-distance relationship. A really, really long 7 and 1/2 hour away relationship. That's what the Lord knew we both needed. It was really hard and we talked on the phone way too much, but we built a solid foundation and we were forced to communicate well. After a year of that we were engaged! Even though my dad tried to talk him out of it (true story for another post...I think my parents liked Mark more than me at that point:-)) Mark prevailed and with my parents blessing we were getting married! We were engaged for 5 months during which time Mark and I both graduated, moved, got jobs and pretended that we were grownups. And then on June 26, 1999 after only and year and a half at ages 23 and 26 we were husband and wife! YAY!
The past 10 years
Boy I had a lot of growing up to do when we first got married! I learned quickly that my usual tricks did not work with Mark. One of the things I love the most about Mark is how authentic he is. He is steadfast in his faith and never influenced by peer-pressure or others to be something he's not. He can spot bull from a mile away and is very loyal to his friends and family. We have been through a lot the last 10 years and our marriage has been tested. But, I am proud to say that we are committed to each other and we meant the vows that we took. We have been there for each other in sickness and health, joy and sorrow, and desperation and bliss. We have seen wealth and it has been taken away. I wish I could write a little note to myself about being so stubborn, selfish and sensitive and know that better times are ahead! I cannot imagine parenting without Mark and I love how thoughtful, sincere and protective he is to me and the kids. He is hilarious and his dry sense of humor still makes me laugh every day! Mark, I am so thankful to be your wife. Here's hoping our 20th anniversary is not plagued by strep throat...UUGGHHH!!!
I love you more and more each year.
Happy anniversary!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

VBS in the House

What an awesome week we had in Vacation Bible School this year. There were over 900 students enrolled and 300+ volunteers. It went so smooth and Ryan and Ally had a blast! Here we are on Day one ready to go learn about Jesus!

This year I helped out in preschool Missions and had F-U-N working with my great friends. I really did love it and even got to show off my amazing puppeteer skills as Denny the Donkey. Here's Ryan's class. Note his folded arms and the scowl on his face. I promise he was really having fun this is just how he tends to process any new environment (much like his momma):-).

AAHH traveling Sue (aka Lauren) teaching the kids all about life in India. Don't you just love her outfit!!!

Rockin' Ryan and Ally's sweet class of 4

I think the highlights of the week were the Go Fish concert and hanging out with Caryn and Stacey. Wyatt was very sick most of the week and she talks more about it on her blog, so check it out!

Ryan and I had a long talk about "best friends" this week. It seems to be the topic of many conversations lately. My intended point was that he really didn't need a best friend and that he was incredibly blessed to have so many great friends. I don't think he heard a word of what I was saying because he then responded,"Mom I already have a best friend...Stacey". :-) I would love for Stacey to be his best friend for life!

Ryan with his Go Fish light saber

Honey and her boys

The concert of the year! These guys are really great and their love for Christ is evident. Ally was at home with Mark ready for bed, but I called him at intermission and he brought my little princess in her PJ's for the second half. I'm so glad she got to go because we have jammin' out to Snazzy (a Go Fish CD) ever since.

Mark and Ryan enjoying the concert

I heart VBS and I feel so blessed that my children get to experience such an a amazing, well-planned, fun week each year at good ol' FBC Woodway. Maybe next year you'll join us?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Super Hero

My children are so blessed to have such a great Daddy. He works so hard providing for our family and seems to have boundless energy left over to play with Ryan and Ally. He makes parenting look easy, and he is a calming force in our household. Thank you for being such an incredible Dad and for showing your children what it's like to live a Christ-centered life. I tear up thinking about the man you have become and the legacy that you are leaving for you kids. Thank you for everything you do for me and our little family of four. Happy Father's Day!!!!

Last night we all enjoyed "the wave" dessert from Red Lobster. Yum!

A wrestling match immediately followed the sugar rush.

Have a fantastic Day. We love you VERY much!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A day in the life of Princess Panties

I finally realized that Ally was not going to potty train herself, so last week while Ryan was taking swim lessons we spent 5 days at home trying to get a jump on this whole potty training business. I must be honest I detest potty training. I cannot take the mess, the stress, the extra clothes, wipes, panties-not to mention all the uncertainty that accompanies this particular parental challenge. I have only potty trained a little boy, and let me tell you it was NOT fun!! When Ryan finally decided at 3 that he was ready, the training went a lot smoother but, potty training him was a challenge to say the very least. I was hopeful for Ally because their little personalities are as different as night and day but, I am learning it is still a lesson in patience. (And we all know just how patient I am:-) stop laughing)

Now I know there are some of you out there that trained your children in a weekend or an afternoon and that is fantastic for you. Just know that you are extremely blessed and try not to brag about this little fact while I am in line at HEB!!! You probably possess a skill that I am lacking and are a far superior parent, but I just cannot believe that any child is actually trained in 2 days with no accidents!!! Thanks, I feel a lot better getting that one off my chest:-).

OK on to my little princess.
Day 1
7:15 Wake up in a diaper that is dry-great sign, right?!? Daddy rushes her to the potty and she immediately starts screaming that she's 'all finished' before anything happens. This continues for a few minutes until-success, Yay!! Jelly Bellie #1. Waiting around constantly asking her if she needs to go potty and knowing around 10:30 it will be any minute. Forcing her on the potty when she doesn't really need to go trying to avoid an accident. No success. 2 seconds later she's screaming as she tee-tees on the carpet. Reassuring her we all make mistakes and to let mommy know next time she needs to go. Resolve carpet cleaner. Waiting, waiting, waiting...pick up Ryan from Swim lessons while nervously taking Ally in the car without a Pull-up. Lunch then wondering what to do at nap time. I opt to put her in a diaper just in case. AAHHH nap time!!! Reprieve!!! She wakes up and has soaked through her diaper. Nice. Change sheets and clothes and think I should have just let her sleep in panties. Snack, TV, books, coloring, Princess Tea Party. She screams, "Mommy I need to Tee-tee", as she is going in the kitchen. Again gently reminding her to let mommy know sooner. Decide to play outside until dad gets home. Too hot. Come in and make it to the potty- YAY! Jelly Bellie #2. I start thinking I can do this and 3 minutes later another accident in her Pottery Barn Chair. Take chair apart and cuss that I let her sit in it. Wash cover and change into Pantie #4 for the day. Fix dinner. Daddy's home! Eat, try to force her again, bath and Pj's. When is bedtime?. Officially declare that I'm done at 7:15 and lay on the couch exhausted. Accident #5 on the way to the potty. Tee-Tee all over me and Ally. Awesome. Bath #2 and shower for me. Decide I cannot clean up another accident today and put her in a diaper for the night. Bedtime. Ally's yelling she needs to potty. See that Ally has taken off her diaper and gone in her bed. Don't have anymore clean sheets. Great! Decide she doesn't need sheets and bath her again!!! Night night kisses and back to bed. Finally she sleeps. Day 1 was a overall beating.

Each day has gotten a little bit easier and on Days 2-10 we have had far more successes than accidents. In fact, she has been to VBS all this week and been accident free every day (at church anyway). :-) She has done a really good job and I am incredibly proud of her. On day 10, yesterday, I thought we are officially potty trained but while swimming at Twin Rivers I got a good laugh and lesson in humility. She was not in the pool so don't worry! Here she is getting ready to swim.

And this is face I get when I ask her if she needs to go potty.

I would love to show you a pic of her in her princess panties but Mark would shoot me. I hope you have more successes than accidents today.

Monday, June 15, 2009

A fish named Ryan

Ryan just finished his swim lessons for the summer and we are SO proud of him. He takes lessons from Mrs. Back and she is the best swim instructor ever! This was his third year to take and he has finally started to enjoy the water. Mark and I were concerned that he would never put his head under water and lo and behold on the last day of swim lessons '08, he surprised us. Since then he LOVES to swim!!! Here is our little fish in '09.

His friends Kyle, Caden and Jake were also in his class.

Look at him go!!!!

Quite a group:-)
Mrs. Back said that she didn't even recognize Ryan because he was so brave in the water this year. Yay for RW:-).


We are so thrilled that you love the water, and we love to watch you swim. Way to go buddy!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sweet Baby Weaver

Last Saturday we got to shower one of my best friends Jennifer with a "sweet baby" shower. This little baby apparently forgot that we were having a shower because Jenn was in the hospital with contractions every 2-3 minutes all morning. Fortunately, Jenn asked to leave since she wasn't in progressive labor and they released her just in time for the shower...Whew!!! This little one is due July 4th, but we expect to meet her any day now. Jenn and I have been friends since Jr. High so we go way back. She is an amazing friend, and the very best neighbor you could ask for. I feel blessed by her all the time and I am amazed at the wife and mother she has become. I absolutely cannot wait to see this baby girl and live vicariously through her for child #3!!!

The decor

She is such a beautiful mommy

Showering Jenn with some love

Now Jenn, if you could do me a favor and just let me know the name!!! I promise I won't tell:-). Love you girl! We had a wonderful time at the "sweet" shower.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Animal Kingdom and Bongos

Day 6-Animal Kingdom

Our Last Day at the parks. Did you think these post would ever end?!? Ryan and I got in really, really late the night before so this morning was a little bit rough for the Wood family. Thankfully, I had help getting the kids dressed and slathered in sunscreen or we might not have made it out the door!
Sweet little guys

Mark and Ally on the People Mover. By the end of our trip we were pros at loading everyone, strollers, lunches, etc. on this lovely little ride.

Real Macaws

The Tree of Life

Monkey See. Monkey do

Lila and Ally in their matching outfits. By the look on my face I think I was done. So far Disney was winning day 6.

Our family photo of the day

Ally just learned how to give real kisses-so SWEET!

We rode the Kilimanjaro Safari and the kids enjoyed seeing all the real animals. After this ride we were all done!

Ryan and I did ride one more ride to complete our park experience-Expedition Everest. This was a full-on roller coaster. I was very scared but he wanted to ride it and he is proud of himself that he was so brave. I am also so impressed with his level of bravery on this trip. He's growing up!!! After Animal Kingdom we all took a nap and then headed to the pool for one last swim and one more slushy:-).

Our little Tinkerbell

Freshly bathed and ready to sprinkle her fairy dust.

On our last night, we had dinner at Bongo's, a Cuban restaurant, in downtown Disney. The food was good and we enjoyed hanging with the Smiths while Honey and GP held down the condo.

So to recap: My Favorite Day -Epcot. Score: Angie-4.5 Disney -1.5. Slushys drank 150. Miles walked 37.5. Meltdowns-a dozen a day. Mysterious bug bites-2. Crazy sunburns-1. Leaky Diapers on airplane-1. Ally favorite,"Minnie and Pluto." Ryan's favorite,"buzz lightyear ride, the first roller coaster, swimming pools, Star Tours, LEGO store, and hanging with my cousins oh and the hotel". ( I think he had a hard time deciding, which proves that he had a wonderful trip!!!!) Mark's favorite, "pushing the stroller through the crowds in the heat." (I'm sensing some sarcasm there:)) He followed it up by saying that he loved seeing the joy on his children's faces and that it was an overall great trip.

Overall trip----Priceless.

Thank you for taking the time to look through our Disney trip. I promise I only posted about 1/3 of the 300 pictures I took. I really wanted to document this for our kids to see in the future. We had an amazing time and it was so neat for all of us to get together and share in this experience. The kids were so innocent and thrilled to see all the different characters and I know that will not always be the case. Our time in Orlando was magical. Thanks again mom and dad for making this happen and to Caryn for thoughtfully planning our days. I was so appreciative to take a backseat (most of the time;)) and just enjoy each moment.