Sunday, July 17, 2011

City Champs, oh yeah!

The Tigers had an AWESOME season this year and since we were the Midway Little League Champs our team got to play in the Waco city tournament. Whoo-hoo! Let me tell you this was some serious business y'all---I had no idea :). There were 15 total teams from: Lorena, Robinson, South Waco, China Spring, Midway, East Waco and Lake Air, and WE were the team to beat!

My sweet friend Ashley and I decided to go all out and make Tiger posters, noise makers, personalized signs and of course balloons. Unfortunately this is the only picture I have. I have GOT to get a camera soon! The boys and parents loved it and we had the loudest fans by far.

Ready to beat Lorena #1 the White Sox

No problem! We stayed in the winners bracket, won all 4 of our games and were named CITY CHAMPS!! The very last play was a ground ball to Jake (pitcher) and a great throw to first, my Ryan!! I wish I had it on video. Ryan caught and the last out and then the whole team rushed him, while they were all holding up #1s. I am SO proud of these boys.

We had a R-O-W-DY crew at each game. I was so excited that all the cousins were there to see Mark do his thing. He honestly has a talent coaching these boys. To think where they started in March and where they ended up was incredible. They were very well coached!

What is it hot?...only 102~

Coach Wood, Coach Weaver and Coach Farmer getting some much overdue credit!

Check out that trophy. It now lives in our office :).

The team picture was in the good ol' Waco Trib

(Ryan had been mentioned earlier in the season as a leading hitter)


I can't really begin to describe how it feels to watch your husband pitch, and your son play in such an intense environment. It was VERY fun, but stressful, awesome and a blast all at the same time. Mark and Ryan you make a great team.

Can't wait until next year.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The prettiest little Leprechaun you've ever SEEN!

See what I mean...isn't she CUTE?? Ally absolutely loves to dance and this year her ballet and tap class was at the top of her list of fun. Since this was our first year to take tap, I wasn't quite sure how the recital would go since we had to change tights, wait a while backstage and remember 2 different dances! Fortunately, none of those things mattered. She was SOOOOO cute out there, she knew all of her dance moves and she stole the show.

The Lord had different plans for me that day so I owe my parents, Kacey a huge thank you!! Earlier that day I was teaching a Zumba Master class and got violently ill DURING class. At least I made it to the bathroom, but it for sure goes down as one of the most embarrassing moments of my life to date. I was in bed all day and it's a miracle that I even made it to the recital, but thankfully I did and I was much better the next day. Whew! Honestly that day was a blur. I'm so glad Ally had all her clothes and thankful that Kacey and mom did her makeup and hair. :)

The recital theme this year was a trip around the world and so every class was a different country... Hence the Luck of the Irish costume:)

Here 's some behind the scene action. Ally and Aubrey

Ally and AnnMarie. They look like sisters here to me!

Coloring backstage

Getting ready

Ally and Lila. Poor sweet Lila wanted to dance SO badly. I can't wait to see her on stage next year!

Strut your stuff sister. (She's in the middle)

After the recital GP and Mark gave her flowers and then the cousins gave her a precious gift as well.

A charm for her bracelet! So thoughtful guys, thank you very much.

Family shot. Momma a little green :)

My favorite picture of the two of them ever.

Grandma and Ally

Me and my tiny dancer.

Ally, we are do proud of you. Way to go girl, I love watching you dance. You bring us J-O-Y!!