Thursday, August 30, 2012

First day of school 2012

I feel like this summer flew by in the blink of an eye! We've been in school an entire week now so I guess I need to stop living in denial that we have TWO kids in school all day every day.  How did this happen? I feel like I was just dropping Ryan off at Kindergarten and now Ally's there?!
I am so proud of these two children and I know the Lord has great things in store for them this year.
My sweet excited kids
Ally had 'homework'--- she was thrilled and couldn't wait to show Mrs. Sims.  She is really loving school and has been super tired but ready to go every morning.
 backpack shot {Ryan hadn't chosen a new backpack since Kindergarten but we talked him into getting a bigger one this week and now he sports his under armor one proudly}.
 My babies! My sweet friend Lauren came over to watch Brady for me the first day of school because Mark was in Florida.  Thank you Lauren!!
 Here we go...deep breath mommy.
 Our annual Honey picture by the tree! Ryan's going to be taller than her before we know it!
 Ryan and his wonderful teacher Mrs. Stroman. 
 And Ally and the fantastic Mrs. Sims
 love this
 And these four
 So fun to see our cousins at school.  This year LILA is there too on T/TH so Honey has a lot of gran kids at WCS.  Such a blessing!
 hope Mrs. Sims can handle these two :)
 Wonder what they are talking about? It is such a great class.
 Sims room moms :) and some of my favorite people ever!
Here's to a fantastic 2012-2013 school year.
Chin Chin 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Brady's baby dedication

Last Sunday we had the honor of dedicating our baby boy in front of our home church.  They have changed things a little since we dedicated Ally and it was a wonderful day for our family! We took a 'baby dedication class' the previous week taught by our fabulous Children's Minister, Barbara Smith. We each picked a scripture for our baby, were given great parenting resources and talked about what it means to dedicate your child.  We really have the best children's program in town and I love that Barbara takes the mission of educating children for Christ seriously and passionately.  I gotta admit I was a little emotional Sunday morning.  I think I was overwhelmed with gratitude that we were blessed with another child and dedicating our family to raise him to know Christ.
I love this child so much! Check out that sweet little face.
He was super laid back the whole time
my whole family was there to see Brady's big day.  Sorry about cutting you out of this pic Mark---oops!
A blessing to be up there with some of our BFFs.
Brady James Wood on the big screen just chillin'
 The verse we chose for Brady is Psalm 92:4 "I sing for joy at the works of Your hands".
 Praying over our families
Sweet cousins so excited to be done and playing on the stairs. 
 Family shot #1
 and #2...I was sweatin' by this point :).
We are so privileged to be your parents.  I hope and pray that you will see Christ in us and be drawn to Him at a very early age.  I know that God has big things in store for you.  So big that he made sure you were born! I love your calm personality and you are a wonderful baby (thanks for that).  We celebrate you through dedication because it is scriptural to dedicate children.  Even Jesus was dedicated as a young boy!  We're not only dedicating you but our whole family and not just our family but our church family as well.  We love you and praise His name because of you.

Monday, August 20, 2012

The thing that makes me cry

My eight year old son has always had a hard time showing emotion.  It's not that he's not joyful, or sad, or mad, or hurt or excited he just keeps all those feelings very close to his heart.  Displaying those emotions publicly makes him feel out of control.  Don't get me wrong he can act a fool or laugh until his stomach hurts but most of the time our immediate family are the only ones privy to seeing that side of him.  The thing that is hardest as a mom who constantly needs affection is trying to figure out how to comfort someone who still needs to be comforted but doesn't really like to be hugged or snuggled with.  Mark and I always know when he needs a little TLC because he will climb in the recliner with Mark and sit very close to him for a bit.  After 30 minutes or so he's good to go.  He doesn't display affection at all and gets uncomfortable when we try to hug him. And you can just forget about giving that kid kisses.  When he was a toddler he would 'act out' meaning hit me or someone else if he got embarrassed or felt helpless.  Now that he's older his 'acting out' means using a hurtful word, or talking back or making me question my discipline.  My Ryan keeps parenting interesting and some days I do way better than others.  It's hard to parent him because he can out think me in a second, and he remembers EVERYTHING!  Our Maker made Ryan very unique in every way.  He's super smart, introspective, thoughtful, kind and sensitive to others.  He's also all boy and very competitive in sports, board games and well basically anything that can be a competition.  He's constantly processing everything and we have to ask a lot of questions to make sure we know what's going on in that brain of his.  One of the things that has been the hardest for me is that after he turned four he rarely says, "I love you."  I know he does and I know that sometimes he's bursting to say it, but we don't hear those sweet words from him.  Mark tucks him in every night and every night he tells him, "I love you buddy."  Ryan's answer is always,"me too".   I see the struggle in him.  We're a LOT alike and I know his fears, and experienced them as a kid too.  I hate fear the power it holds.
     On the last day of second grade Ryan brought home his prayer journal from school.  I didn't read it until a few weeks later but when I did I couldn't stop crying.  Every week his class would write out their prayer requests and their memory verse for the week.  Then they prayed these requests aloud and would also write down any praises.  Every week you know what my amazing child prayed for...ME.  His mom, who was pregnant and miserable and a lot of days very unkind.  This is the thing that makes me cry.  In every single journal entry my Ryan and his entire class was praying for me.  The way that affected me is hard to write or explain.  He knew I needed extra prayer.  That's the thing about Ryan.  He's genuine.  He never told me he was praying for me every day, he just did it.  every. single. day.  I was sobbing reading this the first time and each time I open this journal the tears flow.

On every page there is scripture that my 8 year old has memorized and prayers for me.  Thank you Ryan.  Thank you for allowing me to see your heart.  I love you to the moon and back and I am so thankful to be your Mommy.

Oh-oh-oh-oh LYMPICS

My family really enjoyed watching the 2012 Summer Olymics every night.  Swimming and women's gymnastics were our favorites by far but there were several track and field sports that were acted out with great enthusiasm in my living room.

Brady was a huge supporter of the USA -He-he:).  Who knows he might be an athlete someday.  His  size would for sure win the baby Olympics!
This was the night that my kids thought they were as fast as Bolt-dream big kids!
 Ryan getting his 'Bolt" pose on
 then he ran some sort of hurdle/obstacle course event
 and of course Ally got in on the action

 and then she gave me her best 'Bolt' impression.
These kids crack me up every day.  Love the Summer Olympics!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Brady's FOUR months

Oh my sweetness! Brady is 4 months old! He remains the easiest, most consistently pleasant member of the family :).  I wish he would sleep all night long but I know that day will come.  He is off the charts in both height and weight and is generally a happy little guy.  I am amazed at his size and everywhere we go people ALWAYS think he's older than 4 months.  He is lovely and I'm constantly amazed that I have THREE kids!  He's going to be dedicated in church this Sunday and I vividly remember when we dedicated Ally thinking that 'I'll never be up here again for this exact same thing'---funny how things have changed.  XO
Here's some four month shots of Brady boy

I get this inquisitive look a lot.  I can actually feel him thinking and learning.
 laughing at Ally and Ryan---a daily occurrence 
 For my "official" four month photo shoot he did not want to give me a million dollar smile.  little stinkier.
 busy, busy, busy kicking and cooing
 he's always checking everything out
 new trick this month---ROLLING! He's a high roller' these days-ha.
Stats this month:
Height: 27 inches
Weight: 20.6 lbs---wow

New things:
Rolling over, scooting all over your crib (you're always in a different spot than where I put you) Rice cereal once a day, no more nursing, drinking 6-7 ounce bottles 6 times a day, laughing out loud, talking all the time, your love sleeping with your silky and holding your lovey in the swing

Still love:
bath time, eating :), playing on your Mat, the swing, the stroller, being outside

Still don't like:
THE CAR!, sleeping all night, loud noises, when I walk out of the room