Sunday, August 31, 2008


We had an unexpected guest this weekend...BATMAN!!!

He enjoyed Christopher's 5th birthday party

He Got in some great workout time

And then, that's right:) off to church this morning...we had a wonderful, hilarious visit with Batman this weekend!

Batman's sister thinks he's pretty funny...she's ready to go with her silky, her "Back-back" book, and her Batman!
Sidenote: I had to take these pictures with my PHONE beacuse my camera totally broke on Thursday. It was 5 years old and the lady at HP told me that's like 30 years in camera technology...who knew:) If anyone has any suggestions for a great reasonably priced camera, I could use the help!
Batman's mom
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Friday, August 29, 2008

And so it begins...

Well it's official, football season is here. Although my heart belongs to Texas Tech, living in Waco we have become Baylor fans. My parents have had season tickets to BU football for the last couple of years but this year they bought 4 tickets so Mark and Ryan can enjoy some live football action as well. (Thanks Honey and GP!!!) I remember praying when I found out that we were having a little boy that he would really bond with his dad, and the Lord answered my cry in ways that I could not imagine. Ryan has always been a Daddy's boy. They LOVE spending time together, and they especially enjoy watching sports. The very first night that Ryan was born, they watched a Texas Ranger Baseball game in the hospital, and from that night on, his love of sports was born. He has definitely had his favorites over the last 4 years. It started with baseball. He could name almost all the Texas Rangers players and their numbers when he was 2!!! It was something to see, this little tike walking around telling all our friends about baseball:). Then he fell in love the the Disney Cars movie...and he was immediately fascinated with NASCAR. In fact, Mark and I had never really watched a race, but before long he again knew all the drivers, numbers and their sponsors. Last year Ryan really started to get into football. He has these little football helmets that he gets out for games. He lines them up perfectly so we all know who's playing who each week. As a mom, I just really appreciate the fact that my two boys have so much in common...most of the time:) Here's some pictures of the gang headed to the game last night. Ryan had a blast and can't wait to go again. He came home with this HUGE Big Red mustache that did not come off in the bath last night, or this morning...lovely for school!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We love our Granny Liz

Yesterday we got a great treat my grandmother, Granny Liz, came to town for the day. She had to see the doctor and then we got to eat lunch and enjoy a pedicure, which we both really look forward to!! I absolutely adore this woman she is 85 (almost 86 if you ask her) and smart, strong, generous, great story teller, an amazing cook, and she loves each of us with all her heart. She has battled cancer for 3 years now, so she's also a fighter! She lives in Kingsland Texas and since I can remember her house has been my favorite place to go in the summer. She literally lives on Lake LBJ, and growing up we spent a lot of time at the Purdys' house. Granny Liz taught us all about the stars and she has this AMAZING closet of dress up clothes that even in High School we would spend hours laughing and coming up with some very creative outfits:). She has helped teach a lot of water skiers in her day and every summer I got to go spend a week with her and my grandad (PP). I have some of the most amazing memories as a child looking up at the stars, sleeping on the dock, skiing, playing with my friend Stacey, and having an absolute blast. I looked forward to that week every year. It is so neat that now my children get to go to the lake and experience all the wonderful things that I did growing up. Ryan is always asking me when we're going to go to the lake and Ally loves seeing her "GLiz". We had a wonderful visit yesterday, and it saddens me that I don't get to see her more often. Granny Liz I love you! See you soon:)
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First day of MDO

Ally got to go back to Mother's Day Out this morning...Whoo-Hoo!!! She was convinced that she too was heading back to school :). She is holding her lunch bag because her backpack is full size and it knocks her over. I tried to get her to use a smaller backpack but she wanted her pink one, she's becoming very opinionated...wonder where in the world she gets that trait, so strange:).
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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pretty Princess

I just scanned in these 18 month pics of our sweet baby. She is really starting to look like a big girl...which I love but it makes me sad that she's turing into an official toddler. A friend from Church, Jennifer Taylor, took these and I think they turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Heart FWCS

Ryan's "homework" for this morning..he loves projects!

Getting ready to go

I really love my batman backpack...thank you Grandma!

Ryan and Honey...Mrs. Purdy while he's at school:)

Choosing the perfect cubby.

This morning Ryan started his 5 day pre-K class, and we were all very excited. I am so thankful that we have First Woodway Christian School. Of course I am a little biased since my mom is the administrator :) but, I know these teachers have been on their knees praying for this year and I and so thankful for them and all that they do to educate my son! I know that everything they do in the classroom is carefully thought out and that they really try to show the love of Christ to all these kids...amazing, bravo teachers!!! This morning started off with a bang when Mark brought us Shipleys (who doesn't love a good donut?) and then Grandma came over to watch Ally so Mark and I could take Ryan to school. We were talking on the way home about what a difference a year makes. Last year Ryan was so shy he would hardly go in the door, and this year he bounced in there ready to go. So proud of you Ryan!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rice Krispies

We have had a couple of rainy days this week so yesterday we decided to make Daddy a special treat, yummy Rice Krispie Treats. Last summer Ryan took some cooking classes at the Young Chef Academy and he really started enjoying cooking. He has his very own cooking utensils, bowls, measuring cups etc...which come in very handy when we each take a turn "cooking"!(thanks aunt Cary). The only problem with making these is that Mommy usually ends up eating most of them, why is that??? Here are my little chefs.

Eating Marshmellows is the best part, right!?!

Ally would be perfectly happy just pretending to cook...Ryan got a little distracted and started watching my favorite show, Jon and Kate plus 8.

Stirring the marshmellows until they're just right

Ryan is so good a measuring things out perfectly...he takes this very seriously:)
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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fun at the Myers

It's hard for me to believe that our Summer Fun is almost over. This summer seems to have flown by! We got to enjoy some fun with several family friends on Sunday night. The kids always have a blast playing in the Myers back yard. Check out little Lauren showing me her high kick in the baby precious.
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Monday, August 18, 2008

My Boys

I am Loving the cool new haircuts:) We were leaving to go to Ryan's preschool Orientation tonight and I asked him if he was excited to meet some new kids and see his new classroom, and he said, "yeah, I love school". I hope that will always be the case for our sweet little man. He is really excited about going to school five mornings a week. FWCS here we come!!!
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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ella Jayleen Purdy

My parents got a new puppy this weekend which they decided to name Ella, which I absolutely adore:) Ally LOVES animals and Ryan is much more cautious (note him "petting" Ella with one finger!!) I am so thankful that we get to see Honey and GP so much and I am even MORE thankful that They got a new puppy which leaves me off the hook for a little while.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Surprise Austin Trip!!!

I must admit that I have a wonderful, amazing husband. He knows me so well and he loves his little family so much it's just so neat to watch. Anyway, he came home from work early on Wed. and announced that we were headed to Barton Creek in Austin for the next few days. I usually don't like being surprised but this was a fantastic surprise!! So we got packed, loaded up and we were off for some family fun. We really did have a great time, and it was much needed time for me to get away from my daily routine with the kids. It's really been hitting me that little Ryan will be off every morning starting this THURSDAY!!! So this trip couldn't have come at a better time. I hope you all enjoy this upcoming weekend before "reality" hits!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Super Singers

Apparently Kids love microphones...:) Today we had some of our great friends over for a playgroup and the mics were a huge hit. Ryan and Blaine were actually singing when I wasn't looking. I absolutely LOVE getting to hang out with my good friends on Wednesday mornings. You guys bless my life!!!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ryan's Arlington Trip

Mark and I took Ryan on a special trip to Arlington this summer to stay in a hotel (his favorite part) go to his first Texas Ranger Game and Six Flags. He had an absolute blast! It was so neat for us to have just Ryan alone, and I know he loved the undivided attention. He's such a sweet brother, he kept asking when Ally's special trip will be...I needed to be reminded of that special time today.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Dresser

Last night five girlfriends and I celebrated a friend's birthday at Chuy's (yum:). We ate and then we all decided to take a quick trip to IKEA. That's where this little story begins. I really love IKEA, I could seriously spend all day in there just looking. So last night at 8:45 I found the perfect dresser. I have been looking for some sort of storage unit for our "playroom" for a while now so I was thrilled. I called home and Mark said go for it, so the girls and I found the self serve furniture...the right aisle, bin # and cart all in about 10 minutes. They closed at 9:00 so I had a lot of help just to actually make it up to the counter in time to purchase this little jewel. We then proceeded to load up (2)180 lb. boxes into a minivan (which was a tiny miracle in itself since we were all riding in the same car) and eventually headed home. (We stopped off for dessert first but that will be a another post!!!) We got home, unloaded the beast and I went to bed. This morning around 9:00 I thought that I would at least unpack the boxes so when Mark got home it would all be organized. My sweet husband came around the corner and said," what in the world have you gotten yourself into?!?!" with a look of slight horror and annoyance:). I told him it would be no big deal to unpack the boxes with the kids around, to which he just laughed and said ,"good luck." I started to unpack and quickly realized there was no coming back. There would be absolutely no way just to unpack this dresser and simply leave it. There were literally parts EVERYWHERE in my house! So I thought, I mean really how hard can this be? It has very specific instructions and I enjoy a good puzzle now and then. Well let me tell you it was just ridiculous. I got everything organized and there were like 2000 screws, nails, wood dowels, brackets, wood and lots of other important items needed to make this dresser sturdy . Luckily Mark sensed my agony and stuck around and we both assembled it until about 3:00, six hours later....With only a couple of arguments:) Anyway, here are some pics of my little helpers and the finished product, which I LOVE!!! It was well worth a day spent to have such a cute dresser full of toys. So to Jen, Leigh, Heather, Kristiana, and Lauren, THANK YOU!!! My playroom is now so organized is should be in a magazine...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Cute Cousins

We had the privilege of watching our 2 nephews, Stacey and Wy-dit (Wyatt), and they are all having so much fun!!! We tried to get a picture of all of them, but you know it's just not that easy getting 4 little ones to pose for the camera, am I right?!?!?