Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Helping Daddy ;)

We have had such a fast summer! I captured these pictures with my iPhone one random day and just ran across them tonight:). Mark had some really good helpers washing the cars.

Ahhh the relaxing days of summer have come and gone, I just wish the heat would leave as well!

What is Gilbert's syndrome?

(I wrote this on 8-4-11, and forgot to post it)

For the past year I have not been feeling like myself. I seem to catch every single virus within 100 miles, I'm constantly fatigued, have body aches and pains, weird yellow eyes, anxiety, insomnia and a plethora of strange tummy issues. I have had every test imaginable and tonight I was finally given an answer! Drumroll please...I have been diagnosed with Gilbert's syndrome.
Lovely. What is this?? Will it go away? Basically it's an inherited liver disorder that effects 8-10% of us. My body produces excess red blood cells and the bilirubin from this isn't filtered properly by my liver (hence my yellow eyes) and leads to all these symptoms. There are more but I haven't experienced those thankfully. There are also"triggers" like overexertion, dehydration, stress, and lack of sleep. Not doing so good on that list today, and something's got to give. :)
As far as a diagnosis goes I think this far outweighs the other options. However, it is not a great thing to hear you have something that's "mild" and has no cure. I am relieved to know what's wrong because it's been a long, long, road. So far I haven't had a big pity party but it may be coming so watch out!! Thank you for your prayers, encouragement and patience. I am hoping that soon, very soon I start feeling better for longer than 2 days in a row!!
Been clinging to this verse...
Isaiah 49:15-16
"I would not forget you! See I have written your name on the palms of my hand."

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stacey's S-I-X

I cannot believe my #1 nephew is already Six!! We had a great time celebrating his birthday at Hawaiian Falls this year. Of course Caryn had a wonderful theme to go along with the water park...pirates. (Check out her blog for some super cute photos of the party). We had never been to Hawaiian falls and let me tell you it was GREAT!! We went on Tuesday so the crowd was very manageable. There was plenty of shade, not a lot of walking and enough rides to make everyone happy. So score one for Hawaiian Falls, we'll be back next year for sure!

Stacey in all his six year old glory.

Reapplying some "non-stingy" sunscreen

These two had a BLAST.

And so did Ally

And Lila

Waiting for the BIG bucket of water to dump on the spray area.

four out of five cousins loved it :) poor Lila did not.

What ya got Wyatt?

I always love the chance to hang out with the Smith family!

Happy Happy Birthday buddy, I cannot wait to see all the cool things God has in store for you this year as you start KINDERGARTEN!! Whoo-Hoo!

4th of July Family Shoot

We did something very unusual at the lake this year. We all got cleaned up and ready in our red, white and blue and took some family photos. Kacey and Caryn have been my person photographers this summer, thanks girls. I love seeing this patriotic group!

Summer Lake fun

Some of my favorite memories growing up were at Lake LBJ and I absolutely love that my children are making memories here each summer! We haven't gone down there much this summer but we had a fantastic 4th of July with all the cousins. We are now a rather big large group but I enjoy every second of this tribe! Here are some of my favorite moments this trip:

Daddy and Ryan

precious Caroline enjoying a Purdy girl favorite

mmmmmm, smores

a little water hockey

babies on a boat

babies on a blanket

no makeup crashing a fireworks show

kids in PJ's at the show (we felt SO White Trash, but have a great story)

Cars on the big screen

lunch with cousins

Ally in the boat

Wyatt and his water guns

Ally and Lila on the ski-bob

Ally and Ryan on the ski-bob

my little fish

my little relaxer

and basketball player

singing to Honey for her birthday

lovin' on Honey

The great thing about this HOT weather is that we can enjoy the lake house straight into the fall:).

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Biddie Ball camp 2011

OK where were we... still in June? Geez Louise I must get caught up on the bloggity blog before school starts in THREE WEEKS!!!! June was our month of camps. Ryan did Midway Football Camp, Swim Lessons, Vacation Bible School, Ally and I had Zumbatomic Camp and gymnastics then we finished the month up with BU Biddie Ball Camp. All the while my boys were playing in the city tournament so I really felt like our summer started in July. July has been a slow, low key month with lots of fighting between my precious children, lazy swim days, sleeping in, movies, putt-putt, and overall goodness. I have no pictures of any of the June camps except basketball {thank you Caryn for the pictures} so I'm very happy to share these! Again I NEED A CAMERA!!!!!!! {Also, way back in June I made the crazy decision and let Ryan buzz off all his hair. He loved it---mommy did not. It's already grown back out so looking back at these pictures made me smile :)}

Ryan has gone to BU Biddie Ball camp since he was 4 so this was his 4th year to attend this fantastic camp. This is also the last year he will be with the Biddie Ball group. Hard to believe that next year he'll move on with the older campers. We had some extra special guests join us for camp this year and it was a BLAST. Here they are day 1 ready to GO!

Coach Drew making everyone do some push-ups

This kid has some serious Skills. I can't believe how much he's grown since last summer

Just a little dunk

or 2...he had his coach rollin' that he was able to do this!

Daddy and Ryan. It is very nice that Mark has such a flexible job and he's able to come see all of our mid-day activities when he's in town.

cutie #1

and #2

Ally and I had a ball watching them on the last day. We also got to love on Coyt and Crew which was an added treat.

Ryan and coach Terence

Ryan and Momadeau

Coach Drew and the three cousins

We love icy pops!!

Two future Bibbie Ballers 2015...look out!