Sunday, October 30, 2011


A few weeks ago we made the long trek to Lubbock to see Nana and of course catch a game at Jones Stadium. We had a wonderful time and I really loved being back at my old stomping grounds with my wonderful kiddos. Here are some bored pictures from my talented sister Kacey.
(Notice Nana has a new friend Sam in this picture. We are very thankful that she has found a great companion and he seems to be a great man.)
Ally feels extra sassy in this cheerleading uniform :).
Where there's room Ryan will play matter the temperature, the field, the time. This boy LOVES him some football.

Me and my little Raiders.
Oh so sassy
Love this picture of Ryan "holding" Caroline.
Cutest cheerleaders EVER!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ryan's EIGHTH birthday celebration

Can you believe I now have an EIGHT year old. EIGHT, seems so much bigger that seven...probably because it's a big year. He's finally out of a booster seat, which he's been very excited about. He's in second grade, lost 13 teeth, and communicates on a whole new level with Mark and I. He is incredibly smart, makes all A's, and has a very good attitude most of the time. Our super-uber shy guy is gone and he's turning into a jokester at school, which is good and bad! He still LOVES to read and play Lego but Star Wars is finally taking a backseat to sports---which I personally LOVE! He also loves anything electronic: the DS, the Wii, our phones, the computer, TV etc. Somedays I love technology and some days I can't stand it! It is however the very first privilege that gets taken away for being disrespectful, acting too silly at school, and basically anything else that comes our way. Ryan has made us really up our game in parenting. He's so smart he can outwit me quickly if I'm not careful, and you better believe he NEVER, EVER forgets anything we say EVER! Even when we think he's not listening, he is, he ALWAYS is!! :) I am so thankful the God choose him to be our firstborn and I cannot wait to see him in action as a big brother again. He is so sweet with all the cousins and has turned into quite a leader. He still beats to his own drum, has Mark's sense of humor and unfortunately got an equal dose of our stubbornness and sarcasm. He's a very generous kid who's full of kindness, silliness and craziness wrapped into one perfect stinky boy. We love you Kid-O and we are SO proud of you! 8 is going to be a blast.

His real birthday:
Honey and GP treated the older cousins to 3 Spoons and he got his present from them early, which he loved and built in an hour and a half---he has some serious Lego skills y'all.

Then we had a cookie cake celebration at school and headed to Texas Roadhouse for some yummy steak. Ryan's favorite meal :).

His Sports party:
I need to thank the Cersey Party Planning Team big time on the party. I was so sick I hardly remember this so thank you girls for decorating everything and taking all these wonderful pictures to document "the perfect party" (according to Ryan). Ryan had very specific requests, so the fact that he called this party perfect was a huge success!

The decorations:
Yes that's a PVC goal post that Kacey made. I mean how cute??!!
And Caryn meticulously hung the banner and decoupaged the name and number eight. Thanks again girls!

It really turned out very cute...I mean cool!
These two were the only girls allowed at the party.
The Smith clan
Uncle Frank and Caroline
Cersey Team
Again the cutest girls on the planet
And this is what the majority of the party looked like. Lots of running, jumping, hockey, football, basketball, and fun!

Such a mean goalie
Some friends and babies (sorry Ann I thing we surprised ya:)
Party people
Even sick I managed to sanitize everyone!
One happy birthday boy
Getting our grub on
Wyatt and Landry, two peas in a pod.
such handsome fellows

Our one and only family shot. So thankful for my photographer!

Thanks mom for "the perfect party". Sometimes I want to burst he's so sweet, and other times ...we'll save that for the non-birthday post :).
Gifts galore. We have some amazing friends and such a wonderful family. Thank you guys so much for sharing in Ryan's day!

Happy 8th birthday Ryan!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Ryan's QB debut

Ryan has been playing flag football again this year and he is LOVING it! He is in the 2nd-3rd grade division and plays quarterback. He can throw a great spiral and loves to say "down, set, hut" on every offensive play. We have ourselves a great little athlete and have enjoyed watching him gradually get more aggressive and confident this season. (These pictures are all out of order again...sorry folks:)
The most faithful fan awards definitely goes to Grandma! She has never missed a game and we love getting to visit with her at the games.
The amazing Mrs. Wallace made it out to cheer on the crocs last week. We are incredibly blessed to have this fantastic 2nd grade teacher in our lives. Ryan talks about her all the time and it has been a huge comfort to us this year knowing he's in wonderful hands every day at school.
Ryan has a huge fan club. The Warrens cheering on their #1 nephew. Lila was given me her new wave...what do you think? pretty funny!
absolutely edible Caroline who LOVES her Ry-Ry
I love the WFC because it's a very laid back sports environment.
RW getting ready for some De-fence! (he's #9)
these two were a BIG help holding the down marker :)
Some serious actions shots

He's gotten so good!!! Love watching you play Buddy!

These two were on different teams this year, but still the best of friends.
Ryan and Dad
The rest of the crazy fans!
I promise I was at the games, just forgot to get pics of myself in attendance. We haven't had many wins this year and honestly I was concerned at the start of the season because I know how competitive my son is. He has handled it sooooo well (honestly much better than his dad and I:)). I am continually amazed at this child of mine.