Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wii Birthday Bash

For Ryan's SEVENTH birthday this year he had several very specific requests. #1 He wanted a party at his house. #2 only boys (and his family, which includes several girls!). #3 Pizza and Cokes #4. A Wii party #5 no balloons or 'girlie' decorations :-) #5 at night! #6 snow cones---We managed to make 5 out of 6 of those dreams come true! (Snow cones didn't make it this year but we have been to Bahama Bucks several times the past few weeks).

Here's my extremely excited son...can't believe how big he is.

Some of the Wii stuff

3 TVs and a huge projector on Wii duty make for a happy birthday boy!

These two hung with the boys no problem!

The party guests including my sweet nephews

My sweet BOTH officially Due December 21st!!!! I So hope they all have the same birthday 11 hours apart, so I can be there for BOTH deliveries!!

My sweet Erica---basically my 3rd sister. Thanks E for helping out at the party!

Ahhh Dr. Pepper...this is my favorite picture of him right now. It captures his real smile and all of his handsomeness.

Cookie time

Some excited little boys (and Lila:-))

Opening the gifts was a race. All the boys are into the same stuff: Lego, Star Wars, Toy Story three, Nintendo DS, and Wii. Ryan has some really sweet friends, they we SOOO excited for each gift he received.

My precious family. Love. you. ALL.


This was by far the easiest party I've ever thrown (minus the setting up of 4 Wiis). I'd highly recommend it to anyone. Remember to 'Play like a Pro'.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Ryan!!

Oh I love this day! This is the day Mark and I became parents SEVEN years ago!! I cannot believe that it's been seven years---something about this year seems nostalgic. Ryan has been counting down the days until this morning and he has been very specific with his birthday list (I must say that I can appreciate this quality because I am the exact same way:-)). He popped out of bed at 6:30 today and followed the 'sevens' to his birthday loot.

I think he had all of them opened three minutes later :-)

Thanks Lila, Aunt Kacey and Uncle Josh!

And Stacey, Wyatt, Aunt Cary and Uncle Stacey! You guys always know just what I like.

Mark asked Ryan what he wanted for his birthday breakfast (usually Shipley's) and today he said he wanted Apple Jacks---I LOVE this kid because I can never ever predict what he'll say or do from one day to the next. So Apple Jacks it is...
Then he immediately started building.

We headed up to school for a birthday snack at 9:00 this morning. And out of everything he could choose he wanted Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies. I kept trying to talk him into something else but he was firm on this, and it is after all HIS BIRTHDAY!! So Apple Jacks and Little Debbies so far today-doesn't get any easier than that! Here we are in his sweet First grade class.

This picture cracks me up, all the kids we so excited it's Ryan's birthday that they basically attacked him. He wasn't feeling the love, but I love him for that too.

Ryan loves his Daddy so much and I can usually get a smile out of him when Mark's around.

I am So blessed to be your mother!! I love that you are so curious and smart and absorb EVERYTHING! I love that you are constantly wanting to help others and that you still have a sensitive and independent spirit. I love that you are really understanding God's word and you are storing His words in your heart each week. I love that you like Choir this year :-), and that you are up for trying new things like football, and new foods like lasagna and green beans. I love that you have a lot of friends and are quick to include everyone. I love that you are extremely helpful at home and I love it when you spontaneously play with your #1 fan, Ally, without being asked.
Happy Birthday Ryan. Daddy and I are extremely proud of you! I hope this year is your best yet!

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Birthday Party For Blossom

These kids of ours constantly crack me up with their antics. One day last week after "rest time" (which is sort of becoming a joke, but momma still needs a break :-)), Ally got up and announced that today was Blossoms birthday---she was turning three and she wants chocolate cake, ice cream and a tea party. So we all joined in the celebration and had a party for blossom bunny. After the pretend party she asked when Blossom was going to get REAL cake and ice cream? And this is where my education as a teacher comes in handy. I made a big deal of honoring blossom and singing Happy Birthday to her and giving her hugs and kisses and then we played a game....etc. Ally was still dissatisfied. I was getting a little bothered at this point and just moved on. Next thing I know Daddy comes home from HEB with REAL chocolate cake and ice cream. Ally was so excited I thought she might burst!! I know she'll remember this for a long, long time. Way to go Daddy!! One of the 1,000 reasons I adore ya.
Happy Birthday Blossom...I wonder who's birthday it'll be this week?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Get your GUNS UP!

What a WONDERFUL time we had in Lubbock for Tech's season opener. We try to take a trip each fall to visit my Nana, hang with the family and brainwash the kids into believing that all things really are better in red and black! :-). I know I've mentioned that my precious angels have been arguing a lot lately so needless to say I wasn't too excited about a 6 hour road trip. But MUCH to my surprise they did great. (It helps having Honey's "car games" and GP's fast foot!).
Ally kept saying GOOOO Texas Tech, GOOOO Cowboys GOOOO Baylor...altogether like it was one long cheer. She's hilarious!

Ryan was super excited to see his cousins and smell that wonderful smell when you enter Lubbock County :)

My Nana graciously paid for The Smith family and us to stay in a hotel for three nights. I always say that my family loves a hotel and this trip was no exception. THANK YOU NANA!!

Breakfast with the cousins every morning. Seriously Caryn would you move here already?!?

Honey and GP took the kids to the park so my sisters and I could visit in peace with Nana. The kids loved feeding the ducks and playing outside. The weather was beautiful!

Nana and Gran taught Ryan from a very young age to play dominoes and he loves a good game.

Wyatt got a big boy haircut, he looks so old and handsome! (You too dad...HA!)

Three out of the four generations

Dinner at 50 yard line is a must when we visit the LBK

The next day was Game day-WHOO-HOO! We all dressed in our red and black and took the whole family to TTU Campus for some family pictures.

Future Red Raiders?

One Big Raider lovin' family

Lila was so cute. Kacey kept asking her to get her guns up and she gave us the BU bear claw! That's a great choice as well....and you'd be way closer to your Aunt Angie!

Honey and her little cheerleaders

Ryan does not love the red raiders but he was a good sport the whole weekend. He even picked out some Tech stuff at Red Raider Outfitter! Maybe we can slowly convince him that Lubbock is a great place to go to college!! This was the last picture of sweet Ally with all her teeth.

That's right, later that night I had to pull that sucker out. It was bleeding every time she ate and I was afraid she'd swallow it. It B-r-o-k-e this momma's heart to see her without two of her top teeth (one never came in). It suits her fun-loving personality though and it'll only be 3-4 years until her new one come in right?!?
Everywhere we go people ask us if Wyatt and Ally are twins. Now they have one more cute thing in common.

Peace out Lubbock.

A fun time was had by all.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just Dance it!

We have started our second year of ballet this year with Jenni Holley--yea! She decided to color coordinate the classes this year so that's why we have this NEON pink leotard (wouldn't have been my pick, but Ally doesn't seem to mind)! She's a beautiful ballerina in any color.

A little too bright for Miss A

This year we get to have Tap too!!! The world better be ready for these two tappers :-).

Sweet little class

Ally really loves to dance just like her momma. We are ready for another GREAT year!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rangers on a School Night?

We are a baseball lovin' family and we especially L-O-V-E to watch the Texas Rangers play ball! This spring Ryan was on the Minnesota Twins little league team and so he naturally became a Twins fan as well. I cannot tell you the number of times throughout the summer that Mark and Ryan were checking the Twins' score on Mark's phone. So, when the Twins came to Arlington we knew we had to take Ryan to the game---unfortunately this home stand was during the first full week of school. That might have stopped an average fan but not the Woods! We loaded up, made Ryan's dream come true and headed to the game.

This little fan had a blast!

And so did they (Ryan has on his Twins shirt and hat:))

Photograph by RW

By the end of the night Ryan had traded his Twin hat for a crazy new Ranger hat (what is it about boys and their love of fire?)!

Thank you Mark for making this happen. If the decision was solely up to me I would have nixed this trip, and we would have missed wonderful family time, and a great game!
Go Rangers!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Loves

These school days have FLOWN by so far. I blink and it's already 3:00. Which is so different than last year. I remember staring at the clock when Ryan was in Kindergarten thinking it would never ever be pick up time. Funny how perspective changes so much in such a short time. I ran across these pictures and the only tie between them is my love for all the subjects photographed :-)

Mark having a little pre-work tea party. He's such a good Daddy!

Ryan's playing flag football this year so we see a lot of 'pass patterns' in full football gear these days.

I'm not sure who has more fun?

I chose this picture because it shows off Ally's top teeth so beautifully! She probably only has a few more days left with that top right tooth, so I wanted to capture her full baby teeth smile. Mark and I noticed that her tooth was incredibly loose the other night (like barely hangin on!) and she nor I have any memory of her injuring that little tooth. I called our ped. dentist and after she examined her last x-rays she said this little tooth was loose 6 months ago!! I vaguely remember Dr. Trotter mentioning that her top tooth was slightly loose but had completely forgotten this bit of information until she graciously reminded me. Oh well, soon she'll match her cousin Wyatt's toothless grin!

Ryan also plays his DS after school a lot. It's amazing how he can play this and torture Ally's 'Blossom Bear" at the same time!

I love this year so far, I am a VERY blessed woman!