Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Brady my little tornado

A typical day with my delicious 14 month old involves a LOT of more mess than I remember with the other two.  It could be because his room is our old office, or that we're busier than we were with baby Ryan and baby Ally but a large portion of my day is spent saying "No-no".

Here's my sidekick in action

My perfect little mess. Love him and all his exploring.  Even if I have a lot to clean :).

The Wood Family Dallas Photo Scavenger Hunt

After a pretty stressful week with Mark recovering from his surgery, Brady giving me fits, and whiney kids, I decided that we ALL desperately needed to get outta town.  I called Honey and GP to see if they could watch Brady {and yeah they could!}, and planned a quick Dallas trip for Ryan and Ally.  On the first day of summer I had them both write a list of ten things they wanted to do this summer with the parameters of no airplanes and everything had to be within reason.  They both listed things like go to the movies, have sleepovers, attend camps, go to the lake etc....really sweet easy things to do.  Ryan also included on his list a Texas Ranger game, and the Dallas Legoland Discovery Center.  Ally wanted to swim in a hotel and go to Build-A-Bear.  Since Mommy needed a change of scenery and our July schedule is pretty full I realized this was the weekend to go...And in true Mark like fashion I booked a hotel, bought Ranger tickets and planned our trip--very un-like me to be so spontaneous! :)

The morning of our getaway I printed off a photo scavenge hunt for the kids (took 5 minutes), and I gave it to them at breakfast.  PUMPED!

Packed and out the door in an hour.  Quick stop at the bank and Ally noticed the gas station in the background.  Check!
After a slight detour (major construction), and one speeding ticket---grrrrrrrr, we made it to Grapevine!
First stop, the Rainforest Cafe
 Large plant----check
 excited kids---check

 animal of your choice---check
 creepy snake

 cool fish
 and awkward photo taken by the waiter--check :)
 Elephant check it off the list (this was the most hilarious conversation because they couldn't IMAGINE where we were gonna see an elephant)
 happy kids...yea!

 Biggest dessert ever.  It was SO good!
 Ally's wish came true because they have a build-a-bear workshop right there in the restaurant.  I love this girl to pieces!

 MOM!!! Another Elephant :))
 Then it was off to our hotel.  The red LEGO was immediately spotted by Ryan

 My favorite picture of the trip!

 swimming--check.  This picture makes it look like the pool was empty which was NOT the case.  It was super crowded.
 And then another surprise, DADDY!! Mark couldnt stand it and surprised us.  We were all very happy to see him!  Next was the Ranger game....Whoo-Hoo

 we had great seats and our adventure continued

hot dog---check
 truck (really a car but we had to take this picture for Brady since his favorite word is carrrrrrrr)
List complete!!! They did a great job on it
Next morning was Tennis

 Mommy and Ally opted to sit in the shade
 it was h-o-t but Ryan and Mark had a blast
 We checked out of the hotel and headed to Legoland Discovery Center.  

I gotta be honest this place was pretty much a bust.  I think that if the kids were a little younger they would have enjoyed it more but Ryan was pretty disappointed.  I had fully prepared him that it was not like Legoland in San Diego and it would be more like the Mayborn Museum...but you know I don't know much with my nine year old these day :/
Overall the 48 hours was really fun.  I was very tired when we got home but I know that my kids made some very fun memories and they each earned $15.  I missed Brady like crazy and was SO ready to see that little guy.  Thanks Honey and GP for watching our sweet boy!