Friday, December 27, 2013

SANTA with the crazy cousins

Ahhhh trying to get these 10 together is always a treat! Ryan hadn't been home yet...a new thing for us this year with orchestra and after school sports so he Watson a foul mood. Ally had been delivering gifts with my dad to a needy family so she changed in my car and Brady is wild!! I wanted to document that because this picture makes it seem like the twins were the only criers:). God bless their little hearts! They were SO excited to see Santa and then at the last minute panicked. Love this progression of pics

Perfectly captures him right now. On. The. Go.

My kids rock

Ryan and Ally both received the patience award for this six weeks! They definitely get that character trait from Mark. I don't think anyone would claim me to be the patient one:). I am so proud of them!! To receive this award one child in each grade is chosen by their teacher and must have good grades and behavior as well. Way to go Woods!

GP takes the kids each year toeing the bell at Walgreems for Salvation Army. I love that he demonstrates such servant hood for them.

And then there's this one:). He brings such comic relief to our lives. I am forever grateful for that, especially on a particularly stressful day.

So thankful for this crew!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Ally's Flower party

 We have hosted several birthday parties lately and all the details can be seen on our Purdy Girl Parties facebook page.  But of course I want to document my sweet Ally's birthday here in pictures.  I love you SO much ALLY, you bring such JOY to people.  I am very thankful to be your Mommy.  HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY.