Friday, August 28, 2009

Bye Bye Binky

This week has been tough for my little princess. She has had her binky since day one in the hospital and this was the week that we had to say goodbye! She's 32 months old and it was time. Many of you know the struggle that we had with Ally as an infant. She didn't sleep well at all (not through the night until 15 months!!!), so I wasn't about to take away her binky at 2 like I did with Ryan. I have jokingly said that she can have in in college for all I care as long as the girl SLEEPS! Well, she has been really, really attached to her binky lately and she wants it all the time, not just at night in bed. So Monday we made the decision to take it away. What's one more major life change this week??? What was I thinking??? She was really excited to gather up all her binkies and she gave each one a final suck before saying goodbye. We all thought it would be OK, she didn't even seem upset. We. were. wrong! As parents, it is a terrible thing listening to your baby cry and scream when you know that you have the power to make it better. The first night was AWFUL! She cried, and cried and cried and woke up several times during the night shrieking like she was in pain, but we were strong and we made it through day 1. Day two was about the same. She asked for binky all day and blamed me for taking them away to be washed (which is not at all what we told her, but she got that in her head and wouldn't let it go- feeling like mother of the year at this point). There have been more melt downs than I can count this week and no naps, she's been far too upset, which makes for a LONG day. Until... today. I feel like Angels should start singing right now because of the way I feel. She has slept all night the last two nights and right now as I type, she is in her bed taking a nap!! Can I get an AMEN!!!! She did it, she calmed herself down after an awful fit about Sponge Bob (hilarious since we don't even watch it) and managed to go to sleep. She still has her pink silky for comfort and I mean it when I say she can get married and still have it, I'm never taking it away-ever. I am sitting here reflecting on this week and thanking the Lord for his goodness. My babies are growing up. I know that getting rid of binky is not major, but for us this is a victory worth celebrating. So kudos to you Ally girl, I am so proud of you for making it through this week. What a big girl you are-sniff, sniff. Have a Happy nap.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Where are your shoes?

We searched the entire house yesterday for Ally's pink Crocs. This is where I found them this morning.

She was just making sure I wouldn't leave her at home next time I went for a walk:-).

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's Official...

...We have a KINDERGARTNER living in our house! Oh I cannot believe this day is really here. Since Ryan was born I knew this day would officially come but seeing it on the doorstep was shocking to this momma. Mark and I were praying over Ryan last night as he slept, and I was flooded with emotion. I was watching him sleep and I kept trying to imagine how the day would go for him. Would he be shy, intimidated, and scared? Would he make a new friend and eat his lunch and remember not to burp? Would he wake up excited and ready to go? My mind wouldn't let me sleep last night as I imagined each scenario. I finally came to realize that God is in control of this day just like every other day and that worrying does no good. As a type A, control freak it takes me awhile to relearn this lesson.

Ryan got a new Star Wars alarm clock that he has been really excited about using, so we set it for 7:20 and waited to see how the morning would play out. At 7:22 Ryan was up and playing with his LEGO and deciding what he wanted for breakfast. After much debate he chose cinnamon rolls and then he was dressed and we were all ready for pictures (as ready as Ryan ever is for pictures. He did not become a compliant, smiling kid overnight. Oh well. Maybe 1st grade).

Here's our little man with Dad.

And Ally

And walking in school. I studied this picture and compared it to my previous post and a couple of things really stand out. #1 He's HUGE!! #2 The Star Wars backpack that was way too expensive was a big hit-he loves it #3 He seems a little unsure. He's letting Dad walk in first and hanging back taking it all in.

Once we were inside he took his annual picture with Honey. His head now reaches the raccoon. WOW!

And here's one with his amazing teacher Mrs. Sims.

And then we left. We left our sweet baby there for 7 hours. There were no tears and he marched in his classroom and began putting his stuff away like a pro. He seemed ready, he was quiet but confident. I was trying to soak it all in but I felt chaotic, sad and stunned that it went so smoothly. Now what? That's when my sweet little comedian comes in very handy. She said, "I don't know about Kindergarten?", and I felt the exact same way. Thanks Ally for making me laugh today.

I made it all the way through breakfast with Mark before the tears were flowing. Not bad huh?! I will be praying all day for Ryan and Mrs. Sims and my mom that the first day goes great. Thanks for all your sweet encouraging words. It really helps (although 3:15 cannot get here soon enough)!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Can this really be happening?

Can my baby be starting Kindergarten tomorrow??? I know that he's almost 6 years old and growing like a weed, but he's still my firstborn baby!!! I have turned into one of those sentimental parents that I made fun of as a Kindergarten teacher. You know the ones that give specific instructions, linger in the classroom and take 500 pictures of their non-smiling child. I am that parent. Best to embrace it. Since tomorrow's the big day I decided to browse through my pictures and see all of his first day pics-HUGE MISTAKE!! I ended up staring at my computer for hours sobbing.
Little 3 year old Ryan Mark Wood starting 2 day preschool with Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Coker. He was SO excited to have his Thomas backpack, be a big boy, and go to school. This was also when I could dress him however I chose. Those days are long gone:-(.

The next year Ryan was in Mrs. Mitchell's three day 4 year old preschool class. His back pack of choice this year was plain blue. Ryan loves anything blue. His teachers would all call him Little Boy Blue. Oh, where has the time gone?!

This year Ryan was in Mrs. Dunlap's 5 day preschool. Backpack was Batman. This three hour class each morning was a really good transition for all of us.

Look how much bigger he is!

Dear Ryan,

As You enter Kindergarten, Dad and I want you to know how much we love you and how proud of you we are. We love watching you learn and how you are always taking it all in. We adore your sweet spirit and how you ask the most thought provoking questions. You have always challenged us and we know that God made you unique, beautiful, and intelligent, and we are so grateful that you are our child. We love that you are not afraid to go against the grain, and that quality is going to serve you well in the future. You have become so confident and grown up all the sudden that sometimes we forget that you are just 5 years old! We cannot wait to see the joys and blessings the Lord has in store for you this year, and we continue to pray that you remain respectful, kind, and focused on learning. Have a wonderful year little man. You will be awesome in Kindergarten!


Mom and Dad

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wicked Fun

Last Saturday the original Purdy clan (minus one very important member) traveled to Austin to see Wicked. Growing up my parents took us to the Dallas Summer Musicals and I have loved musicals ever since. I must admit that Wicked is my new favorite. It's the prequel to The Wizard of Oz and it depicts the lives of Glinda the Good Witch and Wicked Witch of the West. The music was AMAZING not to mention the costumes and dancing making it an awesome production.

Mark stayed home with the kids (he does not share my love of musicals...perhaps because the first on I took him to was Lord of the Dance and let's just say that he has made fun of them ever since:-)). And they had a blast with Daddy. They watched a Scobby Doo marathon and then e-mailed me their scary monster faces.

Such scary monsters

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Brothers and Sisters

This morning it was curiously quiet in our house, so I naturally started to think something must be wrong. To my surprise this is what I found...Ryan and Ally just hanging out in Ryan's room like a couple of teenagers. I LOVE these two children so very much. It is very rare for Ryan to allow Ally in his room without me (I don't yet know how she pulled that one off:-)).

This is more of what their relationship looks like. Ally desperately trying to hug Ryan as he runs from her. Brothers...they can be so tough to catch!
I caught him on film giving Ally a little love back. Melt. my. heart.
I really enjoy seeing their relationship in action. Since I have no brothers this is all new to me. I love the way that Ryan is already protective of her, and I adore the way she cannot get enough of him. Even if he's being ugly to her she runs back for more. Lord thank you again for these precious little miracles.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

By Ally Anderson Wood

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cousin Camp 2009

First of all I think I need to thank Honey and GP for an awesome weekend. Ryan has been talking about Cousin Camp all week and he remembers every little detail so thank you for all your hard work and making this SO FUN! Cousin Camp rule #1 you must be 3 years old and potty trained so Ally, Wyatt and Lila will have to wait a little while to join the fun.

The excitement all began on Thursday night with GAME NIGHT. At 8:00 they headed to Tilt in the mall and started the weekend off right. After bed time+using real money in the machines=Awesomeness!

They then headed to the MAC Game Room for a little more action.

Then off to bed after a little story time with Honey.

Friday was ANT Day. That's right an entire day all about ants. This was perfect for Ryan and Stacey. They had ants for breakfast, made a delicious ant snack, painted 2 ant crafts, had a science lesson on the anatomy of ants, counted, sorted and classified and also learned a scripture(Proverbs 30:25 about ants)!!!

Making edible play dough

Off to the park to gather rocks for their ant craft

Hard at work

Of course they had play time at the park too.

Painting their rocks to make a cool ant craft

Color time with Honey

Whew!!! During all that fun they were earning stickers for their behavior chart. They both filled it up in one day by talking kindly to on another, obeying, helping pick up and just being overall amazing children:-)! Since they filled their chart, it was off to Toys R Us to pick out a treat. Ryan chose a Bionacle and III chose a Goofy Pez.

Saturday was all about WATER. They had fun in the sun learning about water. They had a science experiment-sink or float, froze and thawed water, washed GP's truck and III's bike, played with water balls, water guns, enjoyed crafts, and swam.

Ryan said he loved shooting Ella (the dog) with a water gun. I thing that was a highlight of the day for him! They had lunch in the fort...

Painted with Popsicles,

Ate WATERmelon (nice one dad),

Painted fish and made a sequin fish,

And ended the day with a bubble bath fit for a king.

I am so blessed to have such amazing parents. Thank you mom for all your creative, loving kindness and boundless energy. And thank you dad for taking all these pictures, allowing glitter in the house and joining in on all the fun. The boys love that you and Honey both participated in everything. We love you both so much and we are just amazed at all you guys do for us!!!
Cousin Camp ended with a trophy presentation (of course), and a promise that they would get to go again next year. Whoo-Hoo!!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Haircut and A New Smile

I cannot believe that it is already AUGUST! This summer has flown by and my baby will start Kindergarten in just three weeks. I think Ryan has grown 5 inches this summer and he seems older each and every morning. He has a really different smile these days. He has lost 5 teeth total and now he is missing BOTH his front 2 and he has the cutest smile ever. Here is a montage of pictures because I cannot get him to smile showing his new look. If you look closely you can see it in a few pictures.

Doesn't he look older?

Ally has been in need of a haircut and Honey came through big time. She just got a little trim but it was a lot of work. These pictures make it seem like she sat still-which would be a huge misrepresentation. Thank you Honey for wrangling Miss Priss:-).

I forgot to take an after shot but here she is with sweet AnnMarie the next day. These girls love to dress up!!!

I am desperately trying to soak up these lazy days of summer because I know that our schedules will be busy again very soon. I hope you have a wonderful day.