Thursday, May 27, 2010

Today's the day...

...That I never thought would actually arrive. My baby boy is graduating from Kindergarten!! Oh Ryan how can you be old enough for First grade?? We got these cap and gown pictures a couple weeks ago and I thought they were adorable. No, he's not smiling the way I would want him to for a picture; but, this is classic Ryan and captures his little personality perfectly!

I have been amazed at all he's learned this year. FWCS is the best little school and I couldn't have picked a better teacher for Ryan to have. At the beginning of the year, I was very concerned about who his friends would be, and would he get his feelings hurt, or eat lunch, or remember to talk to grown-ups, or handle going to school all day long!?? The astonishing answer is that Ryan has risen to every challenge placed before him and handled it like a very mature young man (sometimes he handles things better than his parents!) I love it when God answer prayers in ways you never imagined.

I will miss this sweet class. Mrs. Sims you completely ROCK!

Kindergarten Graduation pics coming soon!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Little TOT Star

Ally had her SHINE performance for Tiny Tots basketball last weekend and boy did she put on a great show!! I had to miss it so Daddy was in charge of the kids whole day. You know just a typical May Saturday-two birthday parties, TOT performance, meals for two summer ready kids...whew. I am so blessed because Mark took care of everything while I was getting my ZUMBA certification (more on that later;)).

My sweet little TOT STAR ready to go (well almost-Honey was called in for hair duty:-))

Mark videoed the whole thing and while I watched it I was tearing up one-because I missed it, and two-because she did SOOOOO good. She has learned so much in this awesome program. I love TOT! She received her very first trophy at the SHINE performance and it was a big hit. She proudly shows it to whoever comes over for a visit.

Ryan was so encouraging and secretly very proud of his baby sister.

Ally, Daddy and I are so very proud of you and love watching you preform. WAY TO GO!!!

We can't wait for TOT camp this summer:)

Thursday, May 20, 2010


(Clap... Clap... Clap Clap Clap)
Ally Loves the Let's go Ranger's "song" :-)

We here at the Wood home are big time Texas Ranger Baseball fans. Ally and Ryan love to watch the Rangers play on TV at night and I love that it's appropriate TV!! So a natural gift for Mark's bday was Ranger Tickets. While we were in Arlington we also went to a game and it just so happened to be Michael Young jersey night-SCORE!
Oh I can't help but flashback!!!
Ryan has always loved Ranger baseball...
My 2 year old could smack the ball like you've never seen. He knew all the players and their positions way back then!!

He had a baseball nursery, and a baseball Super R cape.

And he was Michael Young (#10 Ranger) when he was three years old for Halloween. (Man these pictures make me realize just how old he is and, he used to smile for the camera...what happened??!!)

Ryan's first live Ranger game at 4 years old

Yeah, baseball blood runs deep in our family. Mark played in college (look at how cute he is!),

And then he coached High School baseball for a year and then worked for the Texas Rangers while we were engaged! We both love going to the games and we're so thankful that Ryan and Ally both love it as well.

My cutie Ranger fans

Headed to the kids area in Center Field. This was Ryan's favorite part. They really have a cool area for kids to play, and we had fantastic weather- 74 and sunny!

Ally had a blast too..

I am so thankful for days like these. We had a really great time!!! If you're looking for a fun family night, The Ballpark at Arlington is the place to go!
Let's Go Rangers!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Six Flags trip!

On mother's day weekend we headed up to Arlington to take the kids on a little surprise Six Flags trip. They were EXTREMELY excited, even thought Ally has never been there and the only thing Ryan remembers is winning a Spurs basketball when he was 4, they were excited. The weather was BE-A-U-TIFUL. The high for the day was 76...aahhh so nice!
We made it-YEA

Sorry about the closed eyes fellows :).

Ally was unsure about the rides at first so we started her out very slow on the kiddie swings. It totally worked because she loved it and wanted to ride more and more rides after this slow entry to all things crazy and six flagish.

Up up and away!

I must brag on my brave 6 year-old for a second. Right when we pulled up to the Park he spotted Judge Roy Scream (scary roller coaster) and decided he wanted to ride it. I really didn't he'd be tall enough so I just said if you're tall enough we'll ride it-OK.

ummmm...I was WAY off...seriously he's grown so much this year! So here we are ready to go on the Scream!

After it was over Ryan said, "I did not like it because I thought my skin was going to come off!" Mark and I rolled all day at the statement!! At least he did it once, and it was COMPLETELY his idea! Since Mark was so proud of him he said he could play the basketball game.

And wouldn't you know it- this 'Baller won another basketball. Basically the rest of the day Ryan dribbled everywhere he went...and I mean everywhere!!!!!

Little princess opted for a pink balloon-still so easy to please.

Ryan teaching Ally about static electricity...look at her face

Cool batmobile

Ryan loves all the games

Baby girl's first roller coaster-the Mini Mine Train

She was very proud of herself for "riding a 'coaster like her brother Ryan"

And not to be outdone by his son, Mark entered the 3-point contest. My man's still got it!

My boys and their basketballs. We had a great day!!!!

Until next year.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day Art

I am forever blessed to be a mother. This year my kids gave me two very special cards. Ryan worked so hard on this card and he was VERY excited to give it to me, which was a nice little mother's day gift :).

My mom is sweet. Apparently I am special in this picture because I might buy him a Wii this summer...huummmm...

My mom likes me. Yes I do!! More than you can ever ever imagine. Ryan thinks I like him because I Tivo some of his favorite shows.

My mom can cook. I love that he thinks that. I asked him what I'm cooking and he said, My favorite-eggs!"

And my favorite. I love my mom because she loves me. See just how much I love him-I'm playing lightsabers yet again!

PS thanks buddy for making mommy so skinny!

I love this handprint so much and I cannot believe just how big it is now!

My sweetie pie Ally made me this card at MDO, complete with green earrings (my very favorite color:)).

Thank you Ryan and Ally for making this mother's day so very special. I am so proud to be your mommy!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Field Day

Do you remember Field Day growing up? When I was in elementary school at Midway, this was the highlight of the year! The ribbons, tug-of-war, and popsicle are still some great memories of my childhood. I can honestly say it was even more fun watching Ryan experience his very first field day than participating in my own.

These boys can turn anything into a light saber:-).

Mrs. Sims and her sweet class

Daddy and Ally also came to watch Ryan

Ryan was on the Warrior tribe. They got to decorate their team flag before competition began.

Heather and her daughter Ainsley. Two of the sweetest girls I know!

Each tribe had 9 or 10 students of all grades to keep the competition as fair as possible. Ryan's team color was orange.

And then the relays began. See the determination on RW's face? He is such a great little athlete.

Ainsley was very good at the Island dress up relay.

Ryan's favorite was the sponge relay. The kids had a lot of fun getting wet on this one.

I think Honey had as much fun as the kids at events like this.

Way to go FWCS! I can't wait for field day 2011!!

(Sidenote to Caryn and Kacey: this picture totally reminded me of Nana's family reunion pics...Ryan's expression could totally be mine at 7!)