Tuesday, June 23, 2009

VBS in the House

What an awesome week we had in Vacation Bible School this year. There were over 900 students enrolled and 300+ volunteers. It went so smooth and Ryan and Ally had a blast! Here we are on Day one ready to go learn about Jesus!

This year I helped out in preschool Missions and had F-U-N working with my great friends. I really did love it and even got to show off my amazing puppeteer skills as Denny the Donkey. Here's Ryan's class. Note his folded arms and the scowl on his face. I promise he was really having fun this is just how he tends to process any new environment (much like his momma):-).

AAHH traveling Sue (aka Lauren) teaching the kids all about life in India. Don't you just love her outfit!!!

Rockin' Ryan and Ally's sweet class of 4

I think the highlights of the week were the Go Fish concert and hanging out with Caryn and Stacey. Wyatt was very sick most of the week and she talks more about it on her blog, so check it out!

Ryan and I had a long talk about "best friends" this week. It seems to be the topic of many conversations lately. My intended point was that he really didn't need a best friend and that he was incredibly blessed to have so many great friends. I don't think he heard a word of what I was saying because he then responded,"Mom I already have a best friend...Stacey". :-) I would love for Stacey to be his best friend for life!

Ryan with his Go Fish light saber

Honey and her boys

The concert of the year! These guys are really great and their love for Christ is evident. Ally was at home with Mark ready for bed, but I called him at intermission and he brought my little princess in her PJ's for the second half. I'm so glad she got to go because we have jammin' out to Snazzy (a Go Fish CD) ever since.

Mark and Ryan enjoying the concert

I heart VBS and I feel so blessed that my children get to experience such an a amazing, well-planned, fun week each year at good ol' FBC Woodway. Maybe next year you'll join us?


Mindy said...

I am so thankful for people like YOU, your mom and Lauren who volunteer and do SO MUCH for that week!!!!!!!!!!!

It was truly amazing!

Love your pics!!! I should have stuck around to see you and Lauren perform! ha ha!

Melissa said...

How fun! I love Ryan's expressions. Such a boy! I also love your hair! : )

elizabeth said...

My kids had a blast when they were able to come! The boys took turns staying home with a horrible poison oak/ivy reaction. Thanks for all you did!

Blessings from the Reeds said...

We were so sad to miss this years VBS! My kids always have the BEST time. It looks like another GREAT year. What a blessing to so many kiddos. Thanks for all that you and your family do each year to help put it on.

Caryn said...

So much fun!! I L-O-V-E that Ryan and Stacey are such buddies!! What a sweet heart claiming Stacey as his BFF. Thankfully they're getting to see a lot of each other this summer! I love the pictures of you and mark with your kids at the concert really cute!