Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Studio pictures

 We had a wonderful experience with the Studio girls, Shelly and Lindsey, at our family photo shoot.  We had not had pictures taken of our family since Ryan was 2!!! It was time and painless.  Shelly's brother has this gorgeous property in Crawford, and the minute we all stepped outside it was very calming and wonderful.  We did a Christmas mini- and got to pick 6 of our favorite shots and own the jpeg.  I was really happy with these.  If you need new pics I'd highly recommend them.

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Caryn said...

Oh my goodness those Are AMAZING. The one of you and Mark is BEAUTIFUL and you and Brady is precious precious precious, love every single one. What a treasure and how in the world she got so many amazing shots in that time frame I will never understand.

And I loved the salado post too, super fun.

Notice the missing exclamation points, smiley faces grrrr keyboard...he he just imagine them.