Sunday, December 16, 2012


Every year we take all the cousins to visit Santa.  This year we opted to go see him at GP's bank instead of the mall.  We had no wait, free pictures and it was outside.  Win, win , win.
GP and his little Red Raider
Ally girl was thrilled to see Santa's the best we could do.  
In Ryan's defense he had just come from basketball practice and was starving.  Like the rest of us, hunger sends him into a downward spiral.  
 awkward angle and weird shadows but!
 This little cutie keeps me smiling! It was her real birthday, and she kept telling me, "I'm 2" :)
 "How are these ornaments attached?"
 one a little timid one loving it
 ohhhh candy canes!!!!!
 and then it gets a little crazy.  Coyt and Crew were having nothing to do with Santa, everyone was talking at once, getting hopped up on the free cookies, candy canes and wait Cookie cake for Caroline?? where, when??
 and award winning!
 but wait, there's more.  
For your entertainment I give you the Purdy Cousin 2012 Santa pic
so many comments.  Enjoy!

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