Sunday, December 30, 2012

Purdy Christmas 2012

This year the Purdy family celebrated Christmas early since both my sisters were with their in-laws on  Christmas Eve and morning.  The kids got out of school at noon on Friday and Friday night we had our "fake Christmas".  This was a very busy week for everyone in the family.  Caryn's family was sick all week, Kacey's prego, and had sick kids, we had Ally's birthday, Mark's been working like crazy to get us a suite in San Diego(another 25 New Business in 2 weeks, which he DID!), my Nana, Sam and Aunt Shirley were here, Mom had crazy end of the semester stuff at school, staff Christmas, school parties for everyone, Christmas chapel, cookie exchange and our last Zumba class at the MAC.:(  Needless to say it was a hectic but wonderful week and by Friday night the kids and Adults were all a little fried.
We drew names for the adults and kids this year, which was great!   
These 3 ready to open their gifts
The Warrens
 The Smiths
 And ALL the cousins! (I totally forgot our family I said just a bit fried)
 Caroline was practicing being a big sister, and did great!
 Nana and Sam
 Kacey practicing with a B-O-Y.  Brady loves his Aunt Kacey
 And these two cuties were great smilers

 Aunt Shirley and B-man
 and Nana and B-man
 GP reading the Christmas story
 Brady's FIRST Christmas
 his gift
 his favorite thing was the tissue paper:)
 Lila had Brady's name and picked a great new toy for him
 the twins joint gift
 that they thought was a super fun slide!!
 tag readers for Lila
 A Dora night-gown for Caroline
 a Lego for Wyatt
Ally got Taylor Swift's RED Cd, which we all love
 and a new shiny pink jump rope
 Ningajo spinners for Ryan
Ad then onto the Adults.  So fun!
 HA! Stacey loved his Twi-hard ornament

 And no Christmas is complete without a foil wrapped gift
 Wonderful moments with my family

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