Friday, December 28, 2012

Ally's SIX

 I love that we get to celebrate our children's birthdays at school with a special snack.  Ally continued her cheerleading theme with a WCS cheer cookie cake.  We love our cookie cake in this house!
Special class visitors
 And Honey lighting the candles 
 Ally loves her sweets :)

Happy happy birthday to you Ally,
2012 was a big year of change for you.  
  • You became a Christian after VBS this year and we were so proud of you!! 
  • You were diagnosed with a rare platelet disorder and handled the tiredness and hospital like a pro (...WAY better than your mom). 
  • Daddy and I loved watching you become a big sister this year.  You are a HUGE help to me everyday with Brady.  
  • You made the transition to kindergarten with ease and you are starting to read and learning so much everyday at school.  You have made some wonderful new friends there, and have never once gotten your color changed or had any discipline issue.  
  • You are incredibly social and always want to know where we're going and what the plan is. 
  • You started calling us mom and dad---no more Mommy and Daddy :( 
  • you had to start eating in under 25 minutes...that one took a while but now you can almost finish your whole lunch.
  • you get up to your princess alarm clock every school day and get yourself dressed all by yourself each morning.
  • you can fix your own hair, and only wear bows when I ask you too
  • you can almost tie your shoes

Thanks for making me laugh everyday---you remind me SOOOO much of your dad.  We love you very much.

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