Thursday, December 13, 2012

Salado Christmas Stroll

Last week Mark was working in Salado signing up business owners and several of the owners mentioned the Salado Christmas Stroll that was happening on Sat. and Sun.  Keeping true to his spontaneous nature he mentioned that he'd like to take us to this event and we headed off to Salado.  Here's a little back story on my wonderful spouse.  He has been working like a maniac this year so his family can attend the annual President's Club trip.  This year the trip is to San Diego and my kids have been talking about this trip since last Spring.  In fact a story about my kids made the national NFIB newsletter!  Since we had Brady in April and Mark coached baseball last spring he was a little behind in his new business sales this year.  Now remember he has worked in field sales for NFIB for 13 years and has made President's club every single year.  It's a very hard job and I really don't know how he does it day in and day out.  He loves it (most of the time) and has a lot of freedom and loves that each day is different. kids knew that this year's trip was in California, and they wanted to go.  Ryan has wanted to go to Legoland for years, and Ally and Ryan BOTH want to go to Disneyland, so they created a NFIB sales chart for dad--- that is proudly displayed on my bedroom wall:).  They made it in June and every day since then they ask Mark how many sales he made and then go fill in another box.  It's been a lot of pressure on my sweet hubs but as of today he only needs FIVE more sales to earn his trip.  Proud is an understatement.  I am so in love with this man who works so hard for his family.  WAY TO GO MARK!!! That's 275 new business sales every year PLUS renewals which equals 950 total sales credits.  And he's done that for 13 years.  So impressive.  I could never walk into a small business, cold calling no less, and talk the owner into joining NFIB, but he does that every day! The kids and I are SO proud of your accomplishments Mark.  Love you.

Here we are at the Salado Stroll.  Check out our little man! He loves his stroller and being outside.

 Ally was getting excited for her carriage ride
  A quick stop to the kettle korn stand...which was seriously the BEST I've ever had.  These guys are out of Austin and know how to make some yummy Kettle korn.
 What's up momma?
 And they're off...

 And no stroll would be complete without some crazy light up over-priced seizure inducers!.  If only you could hear Ally's, it sings too....
 Thanks for an awesome time Dad...yep, Ally just says Dad now.
It was a really fun night that ended with a delicious steak dinner at Cheeves Bros. in Temple, with the kids, one in his PJs!!:) 
Thanks again Mark, go get your last 5.

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