Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Chapel

Another Christmas Chapel has come and gone.  This year Lila and Ally were both participating which was a real treat.  It's always wonderful to see our children worshipping our Lord and Savior and chapel this year was terrific.
Ally was very excited to wear this beautiful dress to school.  As a mom I LOVE school uniforms and so far my kids haven't complained but, it's a really big treat when the kids get a no uniform day!
Little LEW doing some great hand-motions
 Christmas Chapel watchers
 Brady really likes music and was a perfect angel baby during chapel.  It helps that there are numerous entertainers
 Way to go Ally, you did great!
 Honey and GP with 5 of the 9...Caryn's family had the never-ending stomach bug and missed a whole week of school :(.
Merry Christmas!

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