Friday, December 28, 2012

Ally's Cheerleader party

 My beautiful, sweet, caring, unique, snaggle-tooth baby is SIX!!! I remember six being a really hard year for Ryan but Ally has made this transition with ease (praises!!) She has LOVED being a cheerleader for WCS this year so when I asked her what kind of party she wanted it was a cheer party of course.  A cheer party at the Jumping Place---easy, peasy.  Having a December birthday is always a bit challenging but she had a great turnout and a fantastic time at her little party.
The invitation
The crazy boy and girl jumpers

 Me and the birthday girl

 I'm sorry these are SIX year olds what a group of stunning young ladies!

Honey was on Brady duty a lot of the night and she let him play in the baby section.  I have come a long way on my germaphobia but this is still hard for me :))).  He didn't get sick and had a great time exploring
The decorations (minus the balloons that we forgot to put out until last minute)

 This really was probably the easiest party I've ever done and the best part of all was NO cleanup!!

 We didn't manage a family shot with Caroline and Wyatt sick and Stacey III making an early sick exit it didn't happen.  I did remember to get Ally with Honey, GP, and Grandma.  We love our grandparents!!

 Make a wish baby girl

 We are on present overload and so grateful for ALL our sweet friends and family who love our Ally girl

Happy Birthday baby girl.  Have a fantastic 6th year!

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