Monday, June 15, 2009

A fish named Ryan

Ryan just finished his swim lessons for the summer and we are SO proud of him. He takes lessons from Mrs. Back and she is the best swim instructor ever! This was his third year to take and he has finally started to enjoy the water. Mark and I were concerned that he would never put his head under water and lo and behold on the last day of swim lessons '08, he surprised us. Since then he LOVES to swim!!! Here is our little fish in '09.

His friends Kyle, Caden and Jake were also in his class.

Look at him go!!!!

Quite a group:-)
Mrs. Back said that she didn't even recognize Ryan because he was so brave in the water this year. Yay for RW:-).


We are so thrilled that you love the water, and we love to watch you swim. Way to go buddy!!!


MLP said...

I saw your superstar fish first hand!!! So proud of that boy! There's hope for mine! ha!

Such a handsome little fish, too!

elizabeth said...

We used her last year, and Mary Beth will be taking from her in two weeks! What a sweet teacher!

Blessings from the Reeds said...

Way to go Ryan! Isn't Mrs. Back the best? Hey, you need to come on over to the Reed pool!

Libbie said...

Way to go Ryan!! Hope you have the best summer in the water.