Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Brady's 11 months

 How can this baby almost be ONE??? This has been the fastest year yet! My precious mess turned 11 months while we were in San Diego.  And I think that trip has messed up his sleep for good :(.  We were on a roll with sleeping through the night but now we're back to waking up every. single. night.  I hope it's not his new normal!  Month 11 has been a big month of change for our little guy.  He:

  • rode on an airplane
  • started pulling up (no standing yet but getting closer)
  • switched to whole milk like a champ
  • started eating a lot more big people food
  • crawls so fast with his head down it's hysterical
  • found my tupperware drawer, and all the drawers in our bathroom
  • will scream if you walk by and don't pick him up
  • says 'ah' for Ally, and says mamamama all the time (so cute) his favorite words are still Da-da and 'that'
  • loves his bath time, but has started to drink that water-boo.
  • always has something in his hand and usually paper or a ball
  • eats anything and everything off the floor.  leaves are his personal favorite
  • laughs all the time, and has the best smile ever with 8 teeth now
  • So entertaining, and loves it when we're all together
My sweet 11 month old getting a little thumb suck

 not still ever
 saying uh-oh when anyhing drops
 crawling to his noise maker, another favorite
 putting everything in his little mouth
 so curious
 and sweet
 and smiley
 and almost ONE...sniff sniff
April 9th will be here before I know it.  I am trying to savor these days, and sleep when I can :).

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