Friday, March 22, 2013

San Diego Day 5--Disneyland

Day five was SUCH a beautiful day in Southern California.  The weather is perfect- low 70s, sunny and then a little cooler at night, I loved it...especially the no humidity.  We woke up early to make the 90 minute drive to DISNEYLAND!! yay.  I've been to Disneyland several times growing up and I much prefer it to Disney World.  It's smaller, more manageable and easier to navigate.  It was still Spring Break and a Monday so the crowds were there but overall the longest line we waited in was 45 minutes (which was hard because my kids loved the fast passes.)  We had a wonderful day and we would definitely go back.  A BIG thank you to Daryl for getting us passes, we are very grateful.

 Let's do this! 
 Wishing well
 Ready to see Sleeping Beauty's castle
When you wish upon a Star...
 Pretty cool (Cinderella's is much bigger but this was a highlight for Ally)
The bigger kids rode Indiana Jones scary ride.  I was happy to miss that one!  Then we rode Nemo's Submarine, and Brady fell fast asleep.
Then onto the monorail to catch our breath
 and Buzz lightyear's adventure.  I didn't take nearly enough pictures this day but with the stroller checks I kept forgetting my camera (thank goodness for the iPhone)
The boys rode Space Mountain and we went on the castle tour, then Ryan and I rode Matterhorn.  

 Funny pic! After a full day at Disneyland we went to California Adventure for a couple more rides.  Somehow I got to go on every ride that required getting wet...not so sure how that happened!
 Cool Cars Land
about 5:00, Brady was DONE! He boycotted the stroller and needed to crawl.  While we were on the Rapids Mark took him to the fancy Grand Californian and he crawled and crawled and crawled.  Honestly we were all pretty tired.

This is what I wanted to do too.
 After a quick dring and snack we headed to Downtown fun.
 somehow this was the only face she wanted to do

 Ally and Lego Friends
 the Hulk
 and dinner at the ESPN zone
 then on the tram and the long drive back to San Diego.  We could've have easily spent another full day or 2 here but I'm glad we drove back and spent our last day in San Diego.  Also the thought of re-packing would have pushed me straight over the edge! The constant packing the diaper bags, snacks, sweatshirts and drinks every day was plenty.
 sweet boy, he did so good until he didn't :).  

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