Wednesday, March 20, 2013

San Diego-Day 3 Legoland

 Day three was the day Ryan has been looking forward to since he was 5...LEGOLAND!! Once again Brady boy was up bright and early in his favorite spot at the hotel the window.  He would crawl here first thing each morning.

 After a short 30 minute drive we were in Carlsbad, CA and ready to see the billions of Legos.
 The first stop was the enormous Lego store...just a quick run through to see what they had

 Brady's favorite game...chewing on everyone's sunglasses
 on the boat ride seeing the Lego sites
 A overload of pics in this post but we will probably only do this once and my 9 year old wanted me to document every cool display.  Each stop on the boat ride was awesome.  I have no idea how long it would take someone to build these.

 so impressive.
A quick stop to the Bionacle shop and then off to more rides
 Hydronauts was their favorite of the day

we got to see a brand new Chima 4D movie that was pretty neat...and put Brady right to sleep.
 Trying to make a basket for Ally to win...

 this HUGE hot pink bear! That's right we had to lug this beauty on the plane with us
 And then we headed to Star Wars mini land 

My son loved each of these scenes.  Although he's not really into Star Wars anymore it was really cool to see!
And of course no trip to Legoland is complete without a few sets to take home
one of My FAVORITE pictures of the trip...a rare sight, and a treasure
Legoland is definately a cool place and I think if Ryan was even a year older he'd be too old for this.  I'm so thankful he loved it and it did not disappoint him.  Day 3 was "epic" (Ryan quote)

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