Saturday, March 23, 2013

Last Day of our San Diego Trip--The BEACH

We had survived FOUR different theme parks, waking up early every morning, eating out non-stop (that part I of course loved), all five of us in a suite, Mark's award ceremony and NFIB stuff, and the constant on the go.  So...the last day, we ALL wanted to chill at the beach.  San Diego is a BEAUTIFUL city and the harbor was 5 miles from our hotel.  It was so nice to see all the sailboats, ocean and the beach. There's just something about the ocean that immediately calms me.  I always feel the Lord at the beach and am I'm amazed by His creation every single time!

We decided to take the 10 minute drive to the gorgeous island/city of Coronado and experience the cold Pacific water...buurrrr.

Brady taking in the sights
crossing the bridge to the island of Coronado

 all sun-screened up and ready to go!!
 a two minute walk and we were here
 Happy Woods
 Ally was constantly photo-bombing on this trip...cute at first but not so much on the last day.
 Brady loved being outside and the kids immediately wanted to be buried in the sand

Brady's first ocean experience
 This pic was followed by immediate screams because the water was FREEZING!
 He recovered quickly
 Sandy faced Ryan
 I LOVE this picture of Ally because it captures her J-O-Y perfectly

 sweet 11 month old
 They did this all afternoon.  Such a great day

 You like my swimsuit?? he he.  73 degrees is still too cold for me
 LOVE him
 Ryan wrote "epicness" for his class back home, pretty sweet from my big 9 year old
 In the background here you can see the Del Resort, which we all walked in and swam and pretended to be staying at!! Mark Wood at his finest.  It was a beautiful resort and the kids enjoyed the nice warm pool 

After a day at the beach and pool it was time to eat.  We headed to the nearest steakhouse and had a wonderful last meal in SD.
I don't think I can fully recap this trip in words, that's why I took a million pictures.  My children prayed for this trip, saved money for this trip and were SO proud of their dad for making Summit and taking all three of them.  I tear up thinking about what a great time we had as a family.  It wasn't perfect, but neither are we :).   I loved every day and I know my kids made lifelong memories.  I would HIGHLY recommend a Southern California family trip.  I hope one day we can go back when the kids are older and you know maybe only one amusement park, and more beach time :).

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Melissa said...

I'm so impressed, and exhausted, from reading all your Spring Break adventures! You are so brave to do all those parks, but so worth it for the kiddos. I am also very proud of Mark and so glad all of you got to go. What a great trip!!