Thursday, March 21, 2013

San Diego trip day 4--Sea World

Day 4 was here....the dreaded Sea World.  Shamu and I aren't really friends and my love of Sea World is extinct.  But, I do love my children and it was on their list so we went.  And much to my surprise we ended up having a very lovely day (Minus the fact that any veteran got in free that you know big crowds and suffocation)

I bought everyone Waco shirts and decided that the Sea World day was the day to represent the WAC

 Big difference between Sand Diego Sea World is all the beautiful flowers and palm trees...oh and ZERO humidity---lovelyness

 Had to capture my little guy eating 'fish' at the fish park
 The Shamu Show
 A bubble maker and 
a refillable drink were purchased

it was a great show
We rode a few rides including the we were soaked the rest of the day.  Thank goodness Mark bought the kids new dry socks, or there would have been meltdowns.
Then we saw the manta rays

And then rode the huge elevator thing
The Woods Representin' WACO.  Day 4 down.

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