Saturday, April 6, 2013

Together Forever :)

 A couple weeks ago I had the privilege to attend a wonderful wedding...the marriage of the letters Q and U!! The Kindergarten classes attend and it's officiated by the honorable Mrs. Purdy :).  It was really a sweet morning.
First up I saw this cutie.  I love Jesus, I can sing. God has a plan for me.  Preach it sista! I love WCS and this is one of the thousand reasons why.  We are all uniquely created and God has a plan for you!
Then off to the wedding.  the precessional-complete with each child carrying in Mr. U and Mrs. Q
 The ceremony, very short and sweet
 The cousins with Honey...notice I lost eh bow battle this morning
 Daddy got to come too!
 The cake
Caryn and Wyatt (thanks for the pictures sis)
 mrs. sims class
 B and me
and the cousin-twins:) they both did the exact same pose without being prompted.
 And no  Q &U wedding is official without bubbles

I loved spending this time with you sweet Ally girl.  

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