Monday, July 30, 2012

4th of July and Honey's 60th birthday!

We had a wonderful 4th of July this year.  The only thing that was sort of stinky is that it fell in the middle of the week so Mark, Josh and Stacey had to stay home and work--boo! Although we girls are very grateful for our hard working hubbies the lake is just more fun when the daddies are there! Honey and GP took Ally down with then a night early and she thought she was something special.  Now that they have NINE grandkids one-on-one time is hard to get.  Thank you very much mom and dad for making Ally's week!
{sorry for the billion pictures}
Ally sporting her red, white and blue baby
cousin sisters
 my babies...and this is what my hair looks like after going to bed with a wet head's STUNNING! HA! My Ryan is looking really old.  I am in a little denial that I have an almost NINE year old and a three and a half month old...WOW. Blessed.
 Honey and her #1 grandchild and her #9 grandchild.  Such handsome boys.
 Life IS better at the lake
 swimmer boy
 Aunt Kacey and Brady boy catching an afternoon rest
 I keep singing "fat guy in a little coat" when I see Brady in this swim shirt. hilarious to me.
 baby bubba
 swimmer girl
 three beauties in matching suits
 Once it started to get dark it was time for some fireworks and sparklers

 kacey bravely lit the tanks on fire

 See no evil, Hear no evil and Speak no Evil.  LOVE this picture!
 Thank you Kacey for manning the fireworks! We got to go on the boat at 9:00 to see the professional fireworks show and my kids are still talking about going on the boat at "midnight".  They had a blast!
 The next morning was my mom's 60th birthday.  I cannot believe she's 60! She looks amazing and has more energy than me. Lila was getting some Brady lovin' early in the morning.  My sweet boy is back to waking up 2-3 times a night.  It was a good two weeks while it lasted.
 Happy Birthday Honey!!
 your grandchildren sure do love you!
 Go fish with lifejackets--that's what all the cool kids are doing.
 Ally really loves the boat
 Ryan decided that this would be the summer he learned to ski so we bought this beginner ski board and hit the lake

 He was so close and if we had another day that wasn't so crowded he would be a skier! Stacey and Wyatt both got up after we left and Ryan can't wait to try again.  After skiing we celebrated our Honey! Her favorite cake and her favorite kiddos.

 We all chipped in and gave her a very special box of chocolates.  Money, that she could use on her Alaskan Cruise.  I think she was surprised:).
 We also had everyone write down their favorite memories of Honey and Kacey put them all together in this '60 memories' book.  Nana, Aunt Shirley, Dad, Mark, Stacey, Josh, the three girls and the nine grankids all wrote out their favorite memories.  It is a treasure and she loved it.
 Happy Birthday mom! We love you very much and are so thankful for everything you do for our family.  You are the most creative, fun-loving mom and grandma on the planet.  Thank you for your prayers, kindness, and example all these years.  XOXO

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