Monday, July 9, 2012

Brady's THREE months!

Our little man is THREE MONTHS OLD today y'all!! And what a great month we've had.  The biggest and best news is that last week he started sleeping through the night.  Can I get a AMEN?!? I honestly feel like a brand new woman.  He continues to be the easiest of my three babies but that may be because I'm much more relaxed this go round.  He still looks like a perfect little mix of my other two babies and he's still off the charts.  He's cooing and singing all the time and he wakes up super happy (unless he's hungry...which happens a lot...I mean you don't that physique by dieting:))

I took some pics before church yesterday with his trusty big bro.  Check out that outfit, he's busting at the seams! 

I think his hair looks a little lighter this week
 I couldn't pick my favorite pic so I chose them all, it is my blog right?
 My precious baby boy.  We love you SO much buddy.

This month flew by.  Slow down summer!

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