Monday, July 23, 2012

Kacey's Surprise 30th Birthday Fiesta!

Feliz Cumpleanos a ti!  Since my baby sis was turning the big 3-0 we knew we had to throw her a fun birthday party.  Her wonderful Josh really had her fooled and Caryn and I worked our party planning magic and together we all pulled off a really great surprise.  Here she is coming to "our family birthday celebration"--he he.  SURPRISE beautiful Kacey! {I think she was really shocked since it was a Wednesday night and her birthday wasn't until Sunday.}
 Some pics of Kacey through the past 3 decades
 We just went with the whole fiesta theme and had a blast putting stuff together.
 I wish you could have seen Caryn trying to hang this sign---but I think it totally MADE the party :)
 some other decorations

 My favorite part of this party was the photo booth complete with props.  We got some great pictures! Enjoy the silliness.

 Caryn's over the hill gift was a hit

Happy Birthday Kacey I love you SO much and I am so glad you were born :))))

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Krispy said...

This was some serious fun! Can't get enough of these pics!! Great planning, Ms Ang!