Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy Father's Day to the BEST dads I know

 I am incredibly blessed to have such a Godly, wonderful father and husband.  They are very different but both of them love their families with everything they have and I am AMAZED by these men and the leadership they give us.  Thank you Dad and Mark for showing us what it means to be a father.  XOXOXO
On Father's Day this year Kacey hosted us for lunch and it was perfect.  The Warrens invested in a large inflatable waterside for the summer and my children think it's pretty great over there!  It was also nice to have the kids eat and then leave us alone to eat---that was a little fathers day gift in itself :).  After lunch it was onto the gifts.
Dad opening his gift card
Mark reading Ryan's handmade card.  Ryan spent a couple of hours on this and it's a keepsake for sure.
 he also picked this shirt for Mark...Black of course Ry-ry's favorite color
 this pic makes me laugh. Ryan was wet and doesnt really like hugs anyway so this is the awkward side arm hug? whatever works!
 Ally's approach is different...she can't get enough hugs.  Wet or not she was getting her hug!
 And this is from Brady (he was napping the whole time:)).  The perfect gift for one tired Daddy---giftcard to Starbucks!
 Kacey in all her genius had the kids fill out these "all about dad" cards off Pinterest.  One for their dad and one for GP---they were awesomely hilarious and the boys LOVED them!
 Mark's from Ryan 
 and Ally
 Four handsome Daddys
 One of the 100 things I adore about my husband is his sense of humor.  This picture was texted to me one night after I feel asleep on the couch.  My kids ADORE Mark and they think he's hilarious too.
 and baby boy also thinks Dada is hilarious! His entire body smiles at's So cute.  
Thanks for choosing me to raise these crazy kids with.  I am so grateful for you Mark

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