Monday, July 2, 2012

Memorial Day at the LBJ

 Since it's almost JULY 4TH!! I figured I needed to post about our last lake trip on Memorial Day weekend.  This is the weekend that I decided to take Ally and Brady and Ryan was hit in the face with the baseball---I'm having flashbacks of that right now---ugh! Any who... my sisters were all there and we had a fantastic couple of days.

Suckers anyone?
Sassy sucker
 crazy sucker
 and silly sucker
 HA!! I mean these Purdy cousins are too much!

Kacey was Killin' IT on the ski :) I didn't even get in the water this trip, which I don't think has ever happened before.  I love being down there whenever we can, it's a very peaceful place for me and my kids LOVE it too!  This week I plan on swimming :).
 Our view from the dock
 A couple of cute Lake Rats
 the AWESOME inflatable airplane.  so. fun.
 Back when Brady was only 8 weeks old...WOW he has grown y'all just wait 'til you see him in that swim shirt now---it barely fits!!!
 my babies
 ahhhh so relaxing
 I'm sorry but are these our BABY girls??? they look SO old here!! 
Can't wait to go back soon

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