Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mini-vacation to Lost Pines

One of the things I love most about my husband is the fact that he's so spontaneous.  It's also one of the things that has been the hardest for me to get used to in our 13 years of marriage.  He never plans anything in advance...and I'm basically the complete opposite!  The great side of having a spontaneous hubby and daddy is that we might get a milkshake at 10:00 PM, or take a special trip to Toys R US, purchase a new car on a whim, or take a mini vacation in the middle of the week:).  And that is exactly what we did a couple weeks ago.  I was feeling sad because we hadn't taken the kids anywhere this summer {believe me they're fine...they both had a million camps, lake trips, play dates, etc. but we hadn't been to a hotel this summer}.  So, Mark decided that we should go to a Texas Resort--and two days later that's just what we did.  We had never been to Lost Pines and I think it's now my favorite!  I love that it's only 2 hours from here, everything is family oriented, and they upgraded us to a suite:).  I didn't take many pictures but we really loved it there.

Mr. Brady was a tropper and took several naps in his stroller
My one and only picture--proof that I was also on the trip. {This was the day that Brady decided to stop nursing. He refused for 12 hours and thankfully I had one bottle with me which he downed.  He decided on his own to stop so we stopped nursing.  I was not planning it....wonder if he'll take after Mark:)}
 Cool dude
 My little swimmers.  They had a blast at the pool, and on the slide and playing in the lazy river.

 I love these three crazy kids so much! (Mindy check out B's onesie...we're still praying for Travis!!)
 Since he was wearing his Superman shirt...he did several superman acts.  :)
 Ally talked Ryan and Mark into going on the carriage ride.  She loved it!

 They also played a LOT of ping-pong
 And did some crafts.  I am cracking up at the 'tired girl' here in the background. I guess making buttons wore her out!
 Delicious big baby boy
 My two spontaneous ones.
I would HIGHLY recommend Lost Pines if you're looking for a close place.  It's pricey but worth it.  Thank you Mark for this perfect mini-vacation.

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