Thursday, December 1, 2011

Turkey Trot

One of my favorite days at WCS in November is the annual TURKEY TROT! This year was no exception. We all meet for a 'feast' in the sanctuary that includes singing by grades 1-6, dining on Bush's Chicken and all the dessert you can eat :). Ryan has gotten better and better each year about singing in front of others---it's still not his favorite thing to do but he doesn't need to be bribed any more!
I love that the Smith family can also join the fun this year at WCS, it's been a HUGE blessing for us.
After lunch it was time to R-U-N! Ryan chose to run the 3 mile race again this year and we were ready to get this thing going.

The Bowdens were ready to race too!
Ally and I couldn't wait to cheer them on :)
Ready GOOOOO!!! and they were off
bringing up the rear was this crazy crew... (just kidding Caryn and I smartly decided to cheer on our runners from the sidelines.)
Note Mark got left in the dust by our 2nd grade stud!!! Here he comes racing to the finish line, way to go Ryan!!! He got second place out of the ENTIRE SCHOOL...seriously he competed with K-6th graders and came in 2nd. He must get that running gene from his Daddy :).
We were incredible proud of Ry-Ry.
Our great friend Braden won the race. Nice work Braden!
And here comes lightning fast Stacey Reese Smith III---he placed 12th in the 3 mile. He smoked so many kids, Caryn and I were amazed at how well they both did!
Our Turkey Trot Champions
Ryan placed FIRST in the K-3rd grade division. SO COOL!
Getting his recognition :)

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