Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Pajama Party for our Princess

When I asked Ally what kind of birthday party she wanted this year, without hesitation she said she wanted a pajama party!! Perfect for a cold December morning. I started planning this one WAY later than I normally do so once again the Cersey Team was called in to help implement the decorating. THANK YOU SISTERS!!! What goes better with PJ's than Donuts?? So we went B-I-G with donuts and had a great party. Thank you all for coming and celebrating with our Ally girl!
She was SO happy!! She smiled like this all day long. (Lauren these PJ's are awesome! Thanks again for stitching this for our princess.)
Donuts anyone? :)
(click to see some of the party decor...the donut trees were my favorite)
What five year old girl party would be complete without a great sparkly donut craft?? I think I had as much fun making these as the kids did decorating them!
The biggest donut I've ever seen!
and we couldn't forget the babies, so we had some donut seeds :)
One happy PJ lovin' family
She was very appreciative and complimented every single decoration, balloon, nice for momma to feel appreciated!!
Some of the donut lovin' folks
craft time!! notice while the girls worked hard on their donuts...
the boys played football outside! Honestly it worked out amazingly well for everyone :).
Honey read If you give a Dog a Donut, and all the party guest signed the cover for Ally---a treasure to see all those 4 and 5 year old signatures!

After the story it was time to sing to Ally and open some presents

We have some very sweet friends and Ally received WAY too much this year. With a birthday and Christmas a week apart, this girl is on gift overload. Thank you all SO much for not doing a combo birthday/Christmas gift...this momma really appreciates that!!
Right now Ally loves to do crafts, play with Barbies, American girl dolls, Angry birds and anything sparkly and girlie! So check...
and check!!
Grandma gave Ally her first Biddie Baby and we have been playing with it non-stop. Thank you Grandma!
Party peeps (minus a couple)
and The Purdys (minus Ryan, Josh and Caroline).
Since her party was from 9-10:30 we had the rest of the day to enjoy hanging out in our PJs. Ally played with all her new toys and even had time for a manicure (her first fake nail kit, hilarious:))
Oh this girl loves her some pink!
Meet Lila and Caroline. So precious to me that she named them after her beautiful cousins!
Such a great party and a wonderful day!!


Jill said...

That is an ADORABLE party!!!

Aurora said...

Cute party! Can you tell me where you got the invitations and the stacked donut image you used throughout the party? It is too cute!

Kristen said...

super super cute party! we are doing a donut and pi's party for my daughters up coming 6th birthday. as i was googling ideas i found your blog. i was wondering what you used for the craft. i was having a hard time telling from the picture. can you tell me where you bought the donut shapes for them to glitter up?? this would be perfect for my daughters party. thank you!

Wenni Donna said...

Pajama parties are mine favorite too. No worries for how you look or what you do. It just goes with flow. Me and my best friend went for a success party of our senior at one of the great LA event venues few weeks back. Chocolate pies and candies offered were branded. Baked snacks and continental luncheon was way too delicious.