Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ally's 5th birthday!!!

My one and only Ally girl turned 5 on December 18th and I can hardly believe she's F-I-V-E!!! I remember thinking Ryan was so old when he turned five and now my baby is there too:). Ally was born a week before Christmas and since she's not the only December birthday in our family I feel like this month always flies by.
Here's our big girl at school celebrating with her favorite Great American Cookie cake.

After singing Happy Birthday Ally she was ready to blow our her FIVE candles
It's a special treat for Honey to get to celebrate at school with all her grankiddos.
Daddy and his mini-me
Love this girl SOOOOO much
Mommy and Ally---ahhhh my little sidekick is growing up y'all!!!
We had such a fun weekend celebrating our princess. The next morning we had a fabulous donut celebration (see next post for lots of party pics), and then her real birthday was on Sunday morning so these next few pics are some classic sleepyhead birthday pictures.

A new stroller for my doll Lila---yea!!!!
And a gift from bubba too!!
Thank you Bubba!!! He let her hug hug him since it was her birthday and all :)
We love you SO very much and have a hard time believing that you are FIVE years old!!! You still have the sweetest heart and love sharing you JOY with everyone. You are quite the little dancer these days and still love taking ballet, tap, and gymnastics. You are very particular about your hair and your clothes these days and I'm sure that is a slight glimpse of your strong personality coming through. It's hard being little but you absolutely LOVE Ryan and you can't wait to be a big sister!! You check on mommy all the time to see how I'm feeling, and are a wonderful helper around the house. I love watching you grow and learn new things every day! You have been such a blessing to Daddy and I and we know the Lord has wonderful things in store for you. Happy Birthday Ally girl, have a fantastic 5th year!!

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