Thursday, November 17, 2011

We are thankful

I LOVE November!! We have a few weeks off in-between football and basketball, the weather begins to get a little cooler-not cold but perfect, and Thanksgiving is the perfect time to sit together as a family and be deliberate about giving thanks!
I am a preschool pro by now (this is my 5th year to have a preschooler at WCS) and one of the projects I look forward to the most each year is decorating their 'thankful feathers'. I asked Ally how she'd like to decorate hers this year and keeping true to her personality she danced around and told me she wanted "jewels, lots and lots of jewels". Easy enough.

Ally loves a good craft project so she dove right in with no help.

Lookin' good sister
A wonderul surprise this year was that Ryan had to disguise Tom the Turkey so he would not get eaten for Thanksgiving. He also got very into his disguise and chose Darth Vader of course.
He also required very little help from me this year.
I love these hands.
Meet Darth Turkey and...
the most dazzling feather you've ever seen!
My little crafties :).
They were asked at school what they are thankful for and Ryan said, "everything", and Ally said, "My family, my cousins, Texas, Mrs. Dunlap and BU."

Love them!

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